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Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

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Interview @leiydipity : la force de ses cheveux bouclés

Interview @leiydipity: the strength of her curly hair

Jeanne Roche

We received Leïla at Les Secrets de Loly who came to talk to us about her rather eventful hair journey. Today, her hair represents her personality and her image on a daily basis. On her account @leiydipity, she shares her finds, her tips and her life as a young working woman in Montpellier. Sparkling and positive, you will surely find yourself in Leïla!

Curly hair VS straight hair: how people see her

For years Leïla has been confronted with representations that do not match her texture: women with straight hair, advice for people with straight hair, products for straight hair. For her, and like many little girls and young women with textured hair, she thought that straight, stretched hair was the norm, that she had a "problem" and therefore needed to find a solution. This solution made sense to her: straighten her hair, over the long term, three times a week. This way she would fit better in a box, the box of "normal people".

It was when she decided to stop straightening and take care of her hair that she realised that the box she was trying to fit into might not be for her. From the moment her natural curls came into her life, those close to her couldn't believe it: surprised but certain that she was the real Leïla from then on. It seemed obvious and above all a liberation of her personality, her true face!

After the stages of the entourage, Leïla confided to us that the people she didn't know looked at her in a completely different way, depending on whether she had straight or naturally curly hair. Having worked in service jobs for a while, she says her curly hair turns heads. People think she's nicer, probably more "original" with her naturally curly hair. Whereas her straight hair would attract a more severe or monotonous look.

In any case, Leïla knew how to take advantage of this asset, too long hidden by straightening or pulling hairstyles. This has opened many doors for her as an influencer, including advertising for La Boutique Coiffeur with Loly's Secrets founder Kelly Massol

YouTube and th click 

But it was a long road to acceptance of her natural hair. Leïla's breakthrough came during her first confinement when she discovered YouTube accounts and in particular @LaPetiteGaby's account which shares natural beauty tips with clean brands and products. It was a revelation! She stopped using big box products and started testing natural brands. Les Secrets de Loly is obviously one of them and she has never stopped using them since.

The first month was filled with doubt as her hair didn't seem to react as expected. The curls did not form, the hair could be heavy... It is from the second month, after many desires of abandonment, that Leïla started to feel her curls more flexible, more plump. The hair needed to adapt to natural products after having been subjected to all these chemical attacks. She realised that her hair needed to be coated and moisturised first.

For people in the same situation as Leila a few years ago, we advise you to go through a hair transition that will allow you to remove all the toxins caused by the chemicals and especially to get your hair used to receiving moisturising and nourishing active ingredients. This will allow you to regain your true nature more quickly. If you still have questions, our hair expert can help you on Instagram or Facebook

Her hair, her personality, her strength

Leïla is one of the influencers who has most supported and shared the #MyHairMyPower movement. She herself is the symbol of this movement and says it loud and clear: "I love my hair, it's part of my personality, my charisma. People recognise me because of it". Even if her transition and acceptance took several years, she is proud today to represent other curly-haired people like her and to help them take care of their hair and more generally to take responsibility for themselves.

Her hair is her strength. You too can share your hair story with the #MyHairMyPower.

Read her story on her Instagram post
Thank you to Leïla for helping us to break the codes and make the acceptance of textured hair evolve in France and abroad!