Interview Rafaëla : un passage au naturel sans transition
Interview Rafaëla: a natural transition without transition
We know that the transition is sometimes a long and laborious passage to find your true hair type. But this is not the case for everyone. Our communication and product manager, Rafaëla has never made a transition with Tropical Detox or any other powder or clay.
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Interview team LSL : Alexia et sa transition capillaire
Interview team LSL: Alexia and her hair transition

After more than 10 years of straightening and various attempts to change routines, Alexia from the LSL team has taken the plunge and started her transition! She tells us about it.

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Une évolution inédite pour la marque Les Secrets de Loly
A new development for the Les Secrets de Loly brand

If you have been following us for a long time, you already know everything about us. But are you sure? Maybe not everything is shown on social networks! You tell us!

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Interview team LSL : Camille et sa transition toujours en cours
Interview team LSL : Camille and its ongoing transition

Camille joined the team with her hair straightened as it had been for more than 10 years and began, not without difficulty, a hair transition. It's still going on, as getting out of almost 15 years of solid habits is not an easy task!

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Les boxes de Noël Les Secrets de Loly pour sublimer vos cheveux ondulés, frisés, crépus et bouclés !
Les Secrets de Loly Christmas boxes to enhance your wavy, coily, kinky and curly hair!

They are back! After 1 year of waiting, the Christmas boxes adapted to the textures, wavy, curly coily or kinky are here!

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Le mouvement My Hair My Power : les cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés et crépus assumés
My Hair My Power mouvement: wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair assumed

Today, it's a big first! Les Secrets de Loly wants to show a vision of beauty that we are not used to seeing in the media, the powerful beauty of women and their textured hair! This revolutionary movement is launched!

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Interview team LSL : Camilia, les défrisages, le big chop et le naturel
Interview team LSL : Camilia, the relaxers, the big chop and the natural

Camilia, business developer France at Les Secrets de Loly had an atypical hair path before assuming her natural kinky hair. She tells us her story.

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Interview team LSL : Zarha & l'acceptation de ses cheveux frisés
Interview team LSL : Zarha & her acceptance of her coily hair

Zarha, Community Manager at Les Secrets de Loly, went through many stages before saying that she assumes and loves her hair! She tells you her story.

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Que prendre dans votre valise cet été ?
What to take in your suitcase this summer?

Got a trip planned, want to get away while taking care of your textured hair? Here are the team's tips for enjoying your vacation with healthy hair.

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Weightless Program : la nouvelle gamme pour toutes les textures
Weightless Program : the new range for all textures

This range for all textured hair was designed to meet specific needs: search for lightness, volume and moisture. We explain it all to you.

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Nos engagements : composition naturelle & processus responsable
Our commitments: natural composition and responsible process

This is our ambition since the beginning of LSL, and for good reason, it is for your good! We want to offer you the best products for your health, but also in correlation with your values!

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La réussite de la marque Les Secrets de Loly
Les Secrets de Loly’s success

Created in 2009 by Kelly Massol, Les Secrets de Loly started in her kitchen with love, passion and willingness to help people with textured hair. After more than 12 years and 15 products in her range, Les Secrets de Loly stands out on the natural hair market in France! We tell you its story.

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