Les boxes de Noël Les Secrets de Loly pour sublimer vos cheveux ondulés, frisés, crépus et bouclés !
Les boxes de Noël Les Secrets de Loly pour sublimer vos cheveux ondulés, frisés, crépus et bouclés !
Elles sont de retour ! Après 1 an d’attente, les boxes de Noël adaptés aux textures, ondulées, bouclées, frisées ou crépus sont là !
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Brosse LSL : démêler & définir
LSL hair brush: detangle & define

Detangling is one of the key steps in limiting the formation of knots and preventing the fiber from breaking. With the LSL hair brush, you won't be afraid to detangle!

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Sunshine Clean : le shampooing apaisant
Sunshine Clean : the soothing shampoo

Sunshine Clean can be added to your routine if you have a sensitive scalp to alternate with other shampoos to soothe your scalp from time to time. We give you all our advice here.

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Pink Paradise : l'après-shampooing démêlant indispensable pour cheveux texturés
Pink Paradise : the must-have detangling conditioner for textured hair

Detangling can be a complicated moment for people with very tangled textured hair. We give you our tips and the essential product for the toughest knots: Pink Paradise.

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Cocktail Curl Remedy : le spray hydratant et fortifiant
Cocktail Curl Remedy : moisturizing and fortifying spray

On a daily basis, the Cocktail Curl Remedy spray will be your best ally to protect your hair fiber and strengthen very damaged hair!

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Kurl Potion : le leave-in léger & hydratant
Kurl Potion: the light & moisturizing leave-in

Looking for a leave-in that doesn't weigh your hair down but still provides the moisture you need? The Kurl Potion from the Weightless Program will be your best ally.

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Cream Conditioner : l’après-shampooing protéiné et léger
Cream Conditioner : light protein conditioner

Looking to detangle and soften your hair while maintaining volume and light curls? The Weightless Program's Cream Conditioner will delight you!

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Perfect Match : le shampooing léger
Perfect Match : light shampoo

Need to clean your hair without weighing it down or making your roots greasy? The new Weightless Program shampoo meets these needs.

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Kurl Nectar : le leave-in indispensable
Kurl Nectar : the essential leave-in

A leave-in that provides moisture, protein, nutrition and protection! Kurl Nectar meets many needs for wavy, curly, kinky and coily hair:

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Tropical Détox : le soin détox 4 en 1
Tropical Detox : the 4 in 1 detox treatment

Are you in transition? Or do you feel your hair is overloaded and dry due to your various styling routines, pollution and sports? Look no further, the Tropical Detox is for cleansing the scalp. Here are its uses. 

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Bubble Dream : le shampooing léger & doux pour enfants
Bubble Dream: the light & soft shampoo for children

Do your little ones need a light cleansing product that smells good? Bubble Dream shampoo will be perfect for toddlers and adults looking for a light cleansing product.

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Compléments alimentaires 4C : coup de boost pour ses longueurs
4C food supplements : boost for his lengths

Need to strengthen your hair and nails? To avoid breakage? To gain volume? The 4C Food Supplements will help you in your hair evolution!

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Perfect Clean : le shampooing hydratant
Perfect Clean : the moisturizing shampoo

Dealing with dry, dull hair? The Perfect Clean moisturizing shampoo will put all dry hair in agreement and help you get your real texture back!

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Repair Time : le soin contre les cheveux secs
Repair Time: the treatment for dry hair

Do you feel your hair is dry, dull and prone to frizz? You're probably in need of moisture. We have the treatment that will delight your textured hair!

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Le Boost Curl : la gelée anti-frisottis
The Boost Curl: the anti-frizz jelly

It has been the brand's best-seller for many years, and for good reason! It can be applied to different hair types, for specific needs.

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Comment appliquer un Sérum Capillaire ?
How to apply a hair serum ?

Strengthen your hair, nourish it, make it silky and healthy. So many benefits thanks to a hair serum. Our Serum Croissance is 100% natural, with 6 vegetable oils and 6 essential oils!

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Quelles sont les différences entre le Kurl Nectar & Boost Curl ?
What are the differences between the Kurl Nectar & Boost Curl?

These are the two best-sellers of the Les Secrets de Loly line, but many of you have asked us the difference. We explain it all to you.

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Comment bien choisir son shampooing ?
How to find the right shampoo?

It's an essential step in a hair routine and yet, each person may have different needs when it comes to washing! So how can you be sure to choose the best shampoo for you?

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