Brosses - Cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus - Les Secrets de Loly
The new accessories for this summer: gentle detangling & growth stimulation
Supporting your detangling to prevent breakage and stimulating the scalp for longer, healthier hair, here are the benefits of the two new Secrets de Loly accessories.
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Serviette microfibres - cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus
Kiss Towel: microfiber towel to protect curls
Drying gently and without attacking your hair fiber will be beneficial in the long term to keep your hair supple, hydrated, strong and to make your hair routine even more effective!
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Chouchou soie - Cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus - Les Secrets de Loly
The Skurlchie: 100% silk scrunchie for wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair
Do you love having pretty hairstyles? Combine the useful with the pleasant and opt for the Skurlchie, our first silk darling to soften and protect your hair!
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Qu'est-ce qu'un leave-in ?
What is a leave-in?
Leave-in is a term you hear regularly when learning about natural products suitable for textured hair. It's normal, it's the perfect product to hydrate, structure and prepare your hair to receive styling products.
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Comment bien appliquer son shampooing sur cheveux texturés ?
How to properly apply your shampoo on textured hair?
Wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair, the washing step can be quick as a moment of cocooning that drags on. In this article, we give you the keys to find the best use for you and your hair.
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Quels produits pour nourrir ses cheveux bouclés, frisés et crépus
What products to nourish your curly, coily and kinky hair
Textured hair in general tends to be naturally drier. They let the natural hydration and that provided by the products escape more easily. This article will give you the keys to nourished and strong hair.
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Quelles sont les différences entre le Kurl Potion & Kurl Nectar ?
What are the differences between Kurl Potion & Kurl Nectar?

Texture, usefulness, smell, frequency of application, these two leave-ins seem close to each other but they are not adapted to the same needs! We explain everything in this article:

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Les nouveaux accessoires Les Secrets de Loly : protection & douceur
The new Les Secrets de Loly accessories: protection & softness

Find the must-haves for textured hair to protect your hair fibre day after day and make your hair routine even more effective!

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Quels produits pour hydrater ses cheveux bouclés ?
What products should you use to moisturize your curly hair?

The need for moisture is therefore greater for kinky, wavy, curly and coily hair. But how do you find products that moisturize? Do oils moisturize?

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Ingrédients des produits Les Secrets de Loly
Ingredients of Les Secrets de Loly products

At Les Secrets de Loly, the team is committed to being able to make this work as easy as possible for you by helping you to decipher the compositions and popularize this sometimes incomprehensible vocabulary that are cosmetic active ingredients.

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Différentes manières d’utiliser un après-shampooing
Different ways to use conditioner

Co-wash, no-poo, pause time... with one product, vary the hair pleasures with your conditioner!

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Les boxes de Noël Les Secrets de Loly pour sublimer vos cheveux ondulés, frisés, crépus et bouclés !
Les Secrets de Loly Christmas boxes to enhance your wavy, coily, kinky and curly hair!

They are back! After 1 year of waiting, the Christmas boxes adapted to the textures, wavy, curly coily or kinky are here!

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Magic Brush : démêler & définir
LSL hair brush: detangle & define

Detangling is one of the key steps in limiting the formation of knots and preventing the fiber from breaking. With the LSL hair brush, you won't be afraid to detangle!

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Magic Twist : buttercream nourrissante pour cheveux crépus
Magic Twist: nourishing buttercream for kinky hair

The Magic Twist is the most nourishing product in the line that will strengthen kinky hair during their hair routine. It can also be used by people with curly and coily hair. We explain all its benefits.

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Sunshine Clean : le shampooing apaisant
Sunshine Clean : the soothing shampoo

Sunshine Clean can be added to your routine if you have a sensitive scalp to alternate with other shampoos to soothe your scalp from time to time. We give you all our advice here.

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Smoothies : laits capillaires hydratants et nourrissants
Smoothies : moisturizing and nourishing hair milks

This gourmand name is not insignificant since the Smoothie is the only product of the range which is declined in several odors. Each one has the same moisturizing and nourishing composition.

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Pink Paradise : l'après-shampooing démêlant indispensable pour cheveux texturés
Pink Paradise : the must-have detangling conditioner for textured hair

Detangling can be a complicated moment for people with very tangled textured hair. We give you our tips and the essential product for the toughest knots: Pink Paradise.

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Cocktail Curl Remedy : le spray hydratant et fortifiant
Cocktail Curl Remedy : moisturizing and fortifying spray

On a daily basis, the Cocktail Curl Remedy spray will be your best ally to protect your hair fiber and strengthen very damaged hair!

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Kurl Potion : le leave-in léger & hydratant
Kurl Potion: the light & moisturizing leave-in

Looking for a leave-in that doesn't weigh your hair down but still provides the moisture you need? The Kurl Potion from the Weightless Program will be your best ally.

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Cream Conditioner : l’après-shampooing protéiné et léger
Cream Conditioner : light protein conditioner

Looking to detangle and soften your hair while maintaining volume and light curls? The Weightless Program's Cream Conditioner will delight you!

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Perfect Match : le shampooing léger
Perfect Match : light shampoo

Need to clean your hair without weighing it down or making your roots greasy? The new Weightless Program shampoo meets these needs.

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