Terms and Conditions:

Article 1- Subject

The present terms and conditions have as a subject, on one hand, to inform all customers to be about the terms and conditions from those the seller (LES SECRETS DE LOLY) sells and about delivery of the ordered products, on the other hand, to define, all the rights and obligations of those parts in the selling context of LES SECRETS DE LOLY’s products to the consumer (the buyer).This terms and conditions are applied without restrictions or reserves concerning  the entire of orders of all the products purposed by LES SECRETS DE LOLY on its website www.secretsde loly.com (Hereafter the Website).

Consequently, anybody ordering a product purposed on LES SECRETS DE LOLY website accept the Terms and Conditions and recognize has read the Terms and Conditions before.

The products purposed can be shipped on the following territories:

the Metropolitan France (Monaco and Corsica included), all the Countries from The European Union, Switzerland, The United-States and Canada as well Martinique Island, Reunion Island, Guadeloupe Island, French Guyana.

For the purposes of the present Terms and Conditions, The buyer and LES SECRETS DE LOLY, are individually or collectively designed The part or The Parts.

The Buyer before the order knows:

The buy of products on the website les secrets de Loly is without direct link to a professional activity and limited to a personal use; without have obtain the agreement before of the headmaster.

Have the whole legal capacity, permitting him or her to be committed on behalf of the present Terms and Conditions. As a member of selective distribution, SECRETS DE LOLY sells products shown on its website only retail and to final consumers.

Any order not corresponding to retailing, and more generally, any illegal order or like, will be considered by LES SECRETS DE LOLY as null and void.

LES SECRETS DE LOLY can modify at any time those Terms and Conditions.

Notwithstanding, the Terms and Conditions applicable to the order placed by a Buyer on the Website LES SECRETS DE LOLY are accepted by the Buyer during the proceed the present Terms and Conditions are completing the Conditions of use of the website www.secretsdeloly.com, available anytime on the heading Terms and Conditions and applicable to the Buyer.

Article 2-*

Society Identity


Address: 22 avenue Massenet

ZIP/Postal Code: 77330 Ville: Ozoir la Ferriere

Siret: 510 785 165 00018

Article3- Contract Formation and orders

3.1 Prices

Sale prices of the products online on the website of SECRETS DE LOLY, showed in euros, come into force at the registering  of the order by the Buyer.

Sale prices can be modified anytime by SECRETS DE LOLY.

The Buyer will be informed of this modification before any order. Prices do not include shipping costs, shipping costs charged as additional cost.

Shipping costs will be shown before the registering of the order by The Buyer.


3.2 Product’s characteristics

In accordance with the article L. 111-1 of the consumption code, The Buyer can, before her or his order, know , on the Website of SECRETS DE LOLY, of the essential characteristics of the product(s) that he or she want to order.

The Buyer can choose one or several products among the different categories purposed on The Website of SECRETS DE LOLY. The offers shown by SECRETS DE LOLY are valid in the limit of stocks.

LES SECRETS DE LOLY is likely to modify the range of the products purposed on sale on its website, according to the obligations linked to its providers, without prejudice of the orders place by The Buyer.


3.3 Order

Any order requires agreement to the present Terms and Conditions, without prejudice of particular Terms and Conditions concluded between the Parts.

The Buyer can verify the detail of his or her order and correct possible errors.

From the moment when the Buyer confirms his or her order clicking on the “Validate” Icon, he or she is considered as having accepted, the present Terms and Conditions, prices, volumes and quantities of the products purposed on sale and ordered by The Buyer.

The order validated by the Buyer will be confirmed by SECRETSDELOLY. The order will be considered as definitive only after the confirmation notified to the Buyer by SECRETSDELOLY written on paper or mail.


Article 4 – Payment

Payment should be done online by the buyer. The amounts receipt cannot be considered as deposit, Pay deposit or on account is not allowed. All the orders can be settled in euros, all taxes and contributions included.

For settle his or her order, the Buyer can use bank card, “Paypal”, cheque, bank transfer and online discounts, within the conditions detailed below.

Bank cards accepted on the Website SECRETSDELOLY are the following ones: Blue card, Visa, and MasterCard.

Payments realized by bank card are secured by the secure system XXX (online payment tool provided by the XXX).It use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol making encrypted the information sent by a software and that no tierce person can be aware of those information during the transport on the network.

In case of payment by bank card, the Buyer account will be charged the day of her or his order.

Paypal is a secure online payment permitting you to do your purchase safety without share your bank card ID.

The online discounts are discounts from SECRETSDELOLY exclusively and usable by the beneficiary uniquely on the website of SECRETSDELOLY. The online discounts are valid for one year from its issuing date.

The Buyer guarantees to SECRETS DE LOLY that he has all the necessary information for use the billing mode of her/his choice to settle the order during the order’s registering.

SECRETSDELOLY reserves to itself the right of suspend or cancel any execution of order and/or delivery, whatever the nature and the process level, in case of payment not settled, partial payment of the whole amount due by The Buyer, in case of payment incident, or in case of fraud or attempted fraud linked to the use of the Website if SECRETSDELOLY.

Penalties of an amount applicable by rights to the unpaid amounts after a ten days delay following the settlement date or as soon as the notification of the reject of the bank card for another way of settlement. The delivery of any new order can be suspended in case of payment delay or in case of partial payment of a preview order and this notwithstanding the present dispositions.

For the orders amounting to more than 400 euros SECRETSDELOLY reserves the right of ask for a certified true copy of the Identity Card and /or other way of the bank card (only recto) of the Buyer for any payment by bank card and by “Paypal”.

In the framework of fighting against frauds on the Internet, the information relative to your order can be transmitted to any tierce person entitled by the Law or designed by SECRETSDELOLY only on the way to verify the Buyer’s Identity and validity of the order, the billing mode and delivery.

In the way to assure the secure of payment by bank card, the Buyer will have to transmit at SECRETS DE LOLY the visual cryptogram (CVV) showed at the verso of the bank card used by the Buyer.

Article5- Delivery and Receipt

5.1 Delivery Conditions

5.1.1 General Rules

The products making part of a definitive order from The Buyer  in the described conditions at the article ?3.3 above will be delivered at the address indicated by the Buyer on the order ticket, only in Metropolitan France (Monaco and Corsica included), all the members of the European Union, Switzerland, United-States, and Canada.

As default, purchasing invoices are sent by email at the email address indicated by the Buyer during its subscription on SECRETS DE LOLY‘s Website. Disrespecting the current contract conditions described below, not any request of the Buyer will be accepted.

5.1.2 Characteristics of the delivery “Colissimo Suivi” of La Poste

In case of absence, The Buyer or the addressee of the order receipt a passage note, permitting him or her to withdraw the ordered products at the nearest La Poste’s offices indicated on the passage note within a fifteen days delay. If the mailbox of the Buyer corresponds to the norms established by La Poste, the parcel is normally, left in this one.

The Buyer or the Addressee of the ordered products is invited to verify the appearing state of the products at the delivery at the delivery. In case of appearing fault (damage, lacking product in comparison to the order ticket, the parcel or product damaged or broke, Etc…) noticed during the delivery in the presence of the mail carrier, The Buyer or the addressee of the ordered product is meant to apply La Poste’s Colissimo procedure, signaling any damage noticed and formulating any complain and reserve and refuse the delivery issuing immediately a fault note to the mail carrier (170 note).

The Buyer or the addressee of the ordered products has a 3 days delay from the receipt of the order to notify at the carrier, by recommended letter with acknowledge receipt ticket, any incident linked to the state or to the content of the delivered parcel. The Buyer has to signal the problem to SECRETS DE LOLY contacting the customer’s services of LES SECRETS DE LOLY.

Parcel lost

In this case, SECRETS DE LOLY has to respect the delays imposed by La Poste or by the carriers concerning the claim of loss and the refund of the shipping. As well, the customer has to respect those delay.

The results of the enquiries given by the carriers within a delay which vary from 1 to 3 weeks

A refund or a shipping of a new order will be purposed to the customer owing to the conclusion of the enquiry. The “Salatong” private limited society will do all its possible to meet the customer’s requirements and curb the delays.


Parcel receipt

Any product delivered should be controlled and possible reserves on the carrier’s ticket in case of partial or whole damage. Without reserve the product is said delivered in good state and cannot be the subject of any further complain.

Any parcel without complain and resent to SECRETS DE LOLY’s society could be resend at the addressee charge.

Any damage concerning the delivery (damages, lacking product in relation with the delivery ticket, damaged parcel, broken products….) should be strongly indicated on the delivery ticket on the “written reserves” form, with the customer’s signature.

The customer has to inform within the 3 days the noticed damages. A refund or the exchange of the product will be purposed to the customer.


Delivery error

At the receipt of the parcel by the customer, this one has to say by phone, email or postal mail to SECRETS DE LOLY any complain of not certified true products by nature, quality or quantity with relation to the indications showed on the invoice.
Les Secrets de Loly will refund the return costs concerning its error.


5.2 Delivery Delays


For any confirmed order from Monday to Friday (not holidays) before 1pm on the Website of SECRETS DE LOLY, the preparation of the order will be done on the 3 days, in the limit of stocks. Delivery delays, owing to the validation of your order in the described conditions on the article 3.3 above, are the following: - Colissimo Suivi of LaPoste inferior or equal to 5 working days. In case of time-out of those delays exceeding more than 12 days and not due in case of force majeure, The Buyer will have the possibility to cancel her or him order by recommended letter with acknowledge receipt order sent to the contact details indicated in the category “Contact us” of the website SECRETS DE LOLY will do an enquiry with the carrier concerned before the refund or the not delivered ordered products.

The Buyer can cancel her or him order for delivery fault in the contractual delay, in the maximal delay of sixty working days from the time-out maximum indicated delay for the delivery of the products. The sum of the amounts deposited by the Buyer will be refunded to her or him if the whole order have been returned, by deposit or refund, at the choice of the Buyer, in the best delays and lately in the thirty days following the date at which the Buyer used her or him right to obtain the cancel of the order.



The products are duty-free on the European Union. For the others countries, duties may be compulsory. It is up to the customer to contact the customs of its country to make a customs declaration if the need arises. The Society SECRETS DE LOLY could not be anyway responsible of possible additional charge to the price linked to those duties.


As reminder, the overseas territories are considered out of the European Union and so submitted to the duties.


Transport fares

Transport fares are invoiced in relation with the weight of the parcel, the country delivered and the chosen carrier.


Article6- Right and retraction delay In any case, and in accordance with the dispositions of the article L.121-20-23 of the consumption code, the ordered products will be delivered in maximum delay of 30 days from the following day when The Buyer registered her or him order, within the complete payment of the price.


In accordance with the article L.121-20 of the consumption code, The Buyer disposes of a 7 working days delay from the receipt of the order by himself or herself or by the addressee of the order, to return at her or him own the whole order and obtain with the choice of the Buyer the exchange of the products or a deposit or a refund corresponding to the amount’s order.


The products should be returned only at SECRETS DE LOLY according to the procedure described below on the article 7.


Article 7- Products returns


Any product return should be the subject of a strict agreement between the Buyer and SECRETS DE LOLT the delivered products can be returned by the Buyer at SECRETS DE LOLY within the conditions and instructions detailed below.

The products should be returned at SECRETS DE LOLY in a perfect state for resale and in the original state (packaging, accessories, notice….), well-sealed and with the return ticket signed by the Buyer.


Return by parcel or mail


The transport fares of the return of the parcel are charged to the Buyer, except in case of conformity fault of the delivered products in relation with the order.

The initial delivery fares are not refunded to the Buyer, except in the cases saw on the article? 5.2 above, relative to the delivery delays or on the article 6- above in relation with the retraction right, or in case of conformity fault of the delivered products in relation with the order.


In case of products exchange, the fares linked to a new delivery are charged to the Buyer.

For return a product, The Buyer has to follow the instructions below:


1.       Use the original packaging for return the products

2.       Join the return ticket downloadable from your account. The returns without ticket are not accepted.

3.       Send the parcel in recommended mode with acknowledge receipt at the following address:


To the attention of the Returns Service

22 avenue Massent

77330 Ozoir la ferriere, France

SECRETS DE LOLY does not accept the parcels sent with due transport. Any risk linked to the return of the product is charged to the Buyer.


Article 8- Property reserve

SECRETS DE LOLY conserves the whole and entire property of the products sales until the perfect payment of the whole price, principally, charges, taxes and compulsory contributions included.


Article 9- Responsibility


SECRETS DE LOLY could not be considered as responsible of all the indirect damages that could happen owing to force majeure event as defined in the French law.


Article 10- Not Partial Validity


If one or several  agreement  shown in those terms and conditions are not valid or declared as applying a law, a rule or definitive decision of an entitled person or enterprise, the other ones will keep valid.


Article 11- Non-renunciation


The fact for one of the parts of not prevailing itself with the other one part failing to any obligation targeted within the present terms and conditions could not be interpreted in the future like a renunciation to the obligation which is involved in.


Article 12- Applicable law and entitled court

The sales of products from SECRETS DE LOLY’s society are submitted to the French law. Any litigation relative to the existence, the interpretation, the execution, or the break of the concluded contract between SECRETS DE LOLY and the Buyer even in case of several respondent, will be within failing a friendly agreement , engaged the exclusive ability of the CRETEIL courts.


Article 13- “National Commission for Data Protection (and Liberties)

The personal data collected by SECRETS DE LOLY during any order from the Buyer are necessary to process the order by SECRETS DE LOLY and its providers and could be used, within reserve of the used rights by the concerned person, in the aim to inform this one about the products or services provided by SECRETS DE LOLY and/ or its commercial partners.


In accordance with the law “National Commission for Data Protection (and Liberties)” number 78-17 of the 6th January 1978 modified, The Buyer and the addressee of an order have the right to access and to modify or delete data concerning him or her used by SECRETS DE LOLY , as well have the right to being against the processing of those data aiming to direct canvassing.


Those rights can be excercisedwith SECRETS DE LOLY by mail to the attention of the Customers Service of SECRETS DE LOLY, to the contact details indicated in the category “Contact Us” of the website of SECRETS DE LOLY.


Placing an order with SECRETS DE LOLY , The Buyer can be as well informed of SECRETS DE LOLY offers, by email address, unless her or him opposition.


3 types of email can be sent:

  • Newsletters
  • Emails for events
  • Emails for customized offers

If the Buyer does not wish anymore receive newsletters, he or she can let SECRETS DE LOLY know anytime by mail or email to the contact details indicated in the category “Contact us” of the website SECRETS DE LOLY or via the link of un-subscription showed below each email sent by SECRETS DE LOLY In case of problem, The Buyer can contact the Customer Service of SECRETS DE LOLY by email: service-clients@secretsdeloly.com


Through SECRETS DE LOLY, The Buyer who have before expressly gave her or him approval, can receive anytime by email commercial offers about the products or services provided by SECRETS DE LOLY’s partners or SECRETS DE LOLY itself