Our commitments

Natural products, from their composition...

Our products, based on natural active ingredients with fruity and enchanting scents, aim to satisfy all desires. Our primary goal stays the same as Kelly's at the beginning: healthy products and especially with no materials from petrochemicals or components that can alter hair health.

To home delivery!

All packaging is recyclable, including the cap! Our shipments are responsible because the boxes of the packages and cushioning material are made of recycled cardboard.

Delivery in the Paris region is also done via a Green transport service.

Quality follow-up for every client

Our watchword: satisfaction. The whole LSL team works hard to offer a reactive and listening customer and commercial service but also a clear and transparent communication. That's why we regularly respond to your requests by email, on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and also on our website.

Legal implications

The organic products labeling law is very strict. To call a product “organic”, all actors of the production and delivery chain must be certified ECOCERT (the inspection body): the product must be organically grown, and the intermediaries involved in packaging and storage must also be certified. If only one of these parties is not certified, the product can no longer be labelled organic.