Brand's history

Our concept: adapted routine

Using our products is as simple as 1, 2, 3, and 4! An ideal routine consists of these four steps: Wash, detangle, moisturise and nourish. Each texture is entitled to an adapted routine that also meets other needs: fine hair, oily scalp, psoriasis, itching...

Brand’s evolution and events

Our ambition has always been to make the brand evolve according to the feedback of our community. This is why our packaging has evolved a lot since the creation of the brand: feedback, desires from our customers, advice from our distributors are our main inspiration.

Hence the marketing of new products to complete the routines and the transition in a limited edition of products that Loly continues to make by hand.

Les Secrets de Loly has developed immensely through exchanges with its community. From the development of new packaging to the marketing of new products, Loly has surrounded herself with competent people who share her values. This is why the team has been participating in the Foire de Paris since 2009 and in the NATURAL HAIR ACADEMY since 2012, a trade show dedicated to natural and textured hair that takes place every year. Several of our products have received awards at this major event: the Perfect Clean was voted best shampoo in 2017, the Kurl Nectar best leave-in in 2018, and the Sérum Croissance best oil in 2018 and 2019.

An influence and partnership strategy

For several years, we have worked hard to offer the best products but also offers and partnerships that meet the desires of our consumers. Since 2019, we have been producing Christmas boxes with influencers such as La Petite Gaby, Baby A Tout Prix, Kaaymbl, Its Crazy Sally or Flora Coquerel. Other partnerships such as Venus and Gaïa, Indira or Aglaïa have allowed us to grow from 20,000 followers at the end of 2017 to over 100,000 in January 2021. A good reason to celebrate the beauty of textured hair!

A first for textured hair in France

In 2020, it's on television that Les Secrets de Loly appeared, becoming the first French brand specialized in natural products for textured hair to appear in prime time! A pride for the whole team who got to achieve all this thanks to the five influencers Armelle Brown, The Pretty Usmu, La Belle Boucle, La Petite Gaby and Mariecooles. The brand obviously does not intend to stop there!

Our distributors

Our brand has grown on social networks and with many partnerships and influencers but also with more than 700 distributors. Today at Monoprix, La Boutique du Coiffeur, Diouda, to name but a few, we want our products to be accessible to all. In stores, on e-shops or in hair salons, we are distributed everywhere in France and internationally!