Refund policy

1.2.2 Returns in the absence of collection

Whatever the delivery method, in the case where the parcel is not collected within the time limit indicated on the delivery notice, the parcel is returned to the logistics department of SECRETS DE LOLY (VEOLOG SOA, 35 Avenue des Béthunes, 95310 Saint Ouen l'Aumône). In this case, the Buyer will be refund for the amount of the Order, delivery costs deducted, by the same means of payment as the one used for the purchase, unless the Buyer expressly agrees to another means of refund.

1.2.3 Loss of packages

In the case of the loss of a parcel, les SECRETS DE LOLY will take charge of the recourse against the carrier to proceed to the declaration of loss, to request an investigation of the parcel. is obliged to respect the deadlines imposed by the Post Office or by the carriers concerning the declaration of loss, the investigation and the reimbursement/return of the order. In fact, the Buyer is also bound by these deadlines.

The claim file allowing the opening of an investigation is generally made up of several documents (certificate of honour, Colissimo personal claim number) which will be requested from the Buyer by the SECRETS DE LOLY Customer Service, during their exchanges.

The results of the investigations are given by the carriers within a period varying from 1 to 3 weeks. A refund or a new shipment of the order will be proposed to the Buyer according to the conclusions of the investigation. SECRETS DE LOLY will do its best to satisfy the Buyer and shorten the delays.

1.2.4 Delivery anomaly

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, damaged package, broken products...) must be reported to the SECRETS DE LOLY Customer Service within 3 days following the delivery. This notification process of a delivery anomaly is not exclusive of the legal guarantees from which the Buyer benefits (article 13).

The Buyer or the recipient of the Order must report the absence or deterioration of the product to SECRETS DE LOLY's Customer Service at, who will remind him/her of the procedure to follow, as indicated below, in order to request a refund or a new shipment of the ordered products.

SECRETS DE LOLY's Customer Service may ask for any information related to the identity of the Buyer or of the recipient, of the Order and of the parcel, in order to proceed to any useful verification, on this occasion and with the aim of answering the complaint. It is strongly recommended that the Buyer, if he/she notices the slightest defect upon delivery, formulate reservations on the delivery slip, take photos of the packaging (including labels) and of the products in order to be able to provide SECRETS DE LOLY with the necessary documents for the examination of his/her claim.

LES SECRETS DE LOLY will take charge of all the expenses of return / reshipment concerning an anomaly born before the taking of possession of the product and thus the transfer of the risks to the consumer.

A compensation, refund or exchange of the product will be proposed to the Buyer, according to the anomaly noted.