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The Sunshine Clean contains lemon essential oil.
The Sérum croissance contains 12 oils: 6 vegetable oils and 6 essential oils.
The Repair Time mask contains essential oils of rosewood and grapefruit
The Pink Paradise conditioner essential oils of pink grapefruit.
The Smoothie Litchi-Mûre contains lemongrass.
The Smoothie Vanille-Ylang Ylang contains essential oil of Ylang Ylang.
The Perfect Match contains bergamot essential oil.

The essential oil is precisely dosed. The use of the conditioner on children is not a problem and there are no contraindications since it can be rinsed off. Little secret: the founder of the brand uses it on her children's hair.

The Kurl Nectar e is lighter than the Smoothie which is richer. It contains jojoba and sweet almond oil and also mango butter. It is suitable for dry hair

The Kurl Nectar is a very rich treatment in active ingredients while Kurl Potion is a daily leave-in adapted to fine hair or hair in search of lightness.

The Kurl Potion and the Smoothie are hair milks designed to moisturize the hair. The Smoothie will be more adapted to thick hair or to coily and kinky textures because it is richer in nutrition. The Kurl Potion will be a lighter milk aiming to moisturize the hair in search of volume without weighing it down.

This product is natural. It is a humectant complex based on water and provitamin B5. Therefore, it will retain moisture and fix the curl without the “scrunchy” effect or the wet effect.

The Kurl Nectar, containing 10 active ingredients, will protect, moisturize and optimize the definition of your curls.
The Boost Curl jelly will define and fix your curls without that "scrunchy" effect while retaining moisture.
One is hydrating, the other is styling. They are complementary.

Not at all, the Magic Twist cream is the most nourishing product of the brand.
It was originally designed for children, but it's perfect for very coily to kinky hair of both adults and children.

Hair loss can be linked to different factors: bad lifestyle, stress, tiredness, hormonal shock... Therefore, it is important to evaluate the cause first. We advise you to have a healthy lifestyle (drink a lot of water, avoid all sources of stress, eat well, etc.).
We also advise you internally to take a 3-month course of food supplements
We also advise you to use externally the Sérum Croissance for hair loss. It is composed of 12 oils, 6 of which are essential and 6 vegetable. In a rigorous way every evening and in the long term, it will activate the blood circulation and thus stimulate the growth.

Our products are designed for textured hair, i.e. wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair. The active ingredients in the products may be too rich for straight hair. However, if you are doing oil baths, we have the Sérum Croissance and if your hair is thick and dry then you can use our treatments.

You can use our products at the age of 3 years old.

You can use the Bubble Dream shampoo specially designed for kids, the Perfect Match shampoo that can be used by the whole family, the Pink Paradise conditioner or the Cream Conditioner for less tangled hair, the Kurl Potion for wavy or curly hair, the Smoothie Ananas (Pineapple being a kid's favorite) for coily or kinky hair and add the Magic Twist cream after the Smoothie for kinky hair.

You can apply a small dab of the Boost Curl jelly after the moisturizer. All on damp hair.

No-poo (short for "no-shampoo") is a method of washing your hair without shampoo. This doesn't mean that you don't wash your hair at all, but that you alternate with a milder product. Even if it does not foam, the conditioner has a washing base. It is a practical technique when you want to space out your shampoos.
Pink Paradise conditioner or the Cream Conditioner and Repair Time and the Tropical Détox treatments are No-poo compatible.

Yes, all the products, the Repair Time mask contains macadamia oil which preserves the colorations. Be careful with Tropical Détox, which contains kaolin that can cause the color to bleed during the first few days. It's best to wait at least two weeks after coloring or bleaching.

We recommend using the Cocktail Curl Remedy spray. This spray is based on mango butter and pure keratin, both of which will seal and nourish split ends. The raspberry vegetable oil is antioxidant and nourishing and the aloe vera is very hydrating. Be sure to trim your ends and split ends regularly.
This one, made with mango butter and pure keratin, will seal and nourish split ends.

Not at all, the brush is used on damp/wet hair when conditioning. It also helps to redefine curls. Always start detangling from the ends to the roots.

To start again on a healthier basis, I recommend our latest treatment, Tropical Detox. This product is a natural treatment containing banana (detangling), flax and chia seeds (moisturizing), hibiscus vinegar (lightness and shine) and kaolin (purifying). It will eliminate all the toxins related to the colorings, thermal aggressions and chemical components. It will detoxify the hair and scalp to give life back to your natural hair.
Do not hesitate to cut the damaged ends as you go along.

The four shampoos meet different needs according to each texture. The Perfect Match is the lightest but still moisturizing and antioxidant. Sunshine Clean s more suitable for sensitive scalps and regulates the hair's pH. The Perfect Clean, shampoo, the most moisturizing of the range, is very rich and suitable for very dry and thick hair. Finally, the Bubble Dream is a shampoo designed for children. It gently cleanses and moisturizes and prepares hair for detangling.

Ecocert is an independent company created in 1991 by agricultural engineers who understood the importance of guaranteeing products that are respectful of man and the environment. Because of its independence, the Ecocert certification is one of the most ambitious and trustworthy organic labels.
Each product has an Ecocert percentage in its composition. Two of our products are Ecocert certified: the Tropical Detox and the Sérum Croissance and the entire Weightless Program line: Perfect Clean, Cream Conditioner and Kurl Potion.

The Perfect Clean Shampoo was voted best shampoo at the 2017 NHA Prize.
The Sérum Croissance was voted best oil at the 2018 NHA Prize.
The Kurl Nectar was voted best leave-in at the 2018 NHA Prize.
The Tropical Détox was voted best product of the year in 2021.

The texture of the Smoothies is fluid due to its humectant/nourishing cocktail of aloe vera, mango butter, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.

The Perfect Clean Shampoo contains vegetable glycerin. This ingredient may be too rich for some hair types. It should be applied in small quantities. Feel free to alternate with a less rich shampoo.

The "sticky" / too rich effect may be due to the moisturizing ingredients in the shampoo, particularly the level of vegetable glycerin present. Indeed, natural products can sometimes be too rich for people in transition.

Then, this effect can be due to several factors, here are some questions to ask yourself:
- Has your hair been overly straightened before?
- Have you used chemicals (silicones, sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol) recently?
- Have you colored or bleached your hair?

All these factors indicate a hair transition, so these toxic, chemical and thermal materials take time to disappear from the hair fiber (up to 7 years) and it is important to make a transition to natural with the help of the Tropical Détox once a week for two and a half months to eliminate these heavy materials.
The hair will then better accept the natural moisturizing ingredients.

If you are not in transition it can be due to the accumulation of residues accumulated during the month (creams, oils, butters), it is thus important in this case to carry out a clarification once per month using the Tropical Detox to eliminate all the heavy residues not being able to be removed with a hydrating shampoo and to start again with zero.

The Kurl Nectar contains 10 active ingredients that will deeply moisturize the hair;

The Boost Curl jelly is a water-based moisturizing complex with provitamin B5 to set curls;

The Smoothie contains aloe vera, vegetable glycerin and oils. It is therefore richer. It will be more suitable for very curly and frizzy hair.

The Tropical Détox can be used as a cleansing ritual. It can be used as a purifying co-wash once or twice a month. It is ideal for oily roots and dry ends.

1- A shampoo to clean the scalp.

2- A conditioner to detangle the hair fiber.

3- A moisturizing product

4- A styling product

A routine as simple as 1,2,3 and 4

We recommend that you first apply Kurl Nectar to moisturize, protect and shape your curls and then set your curls with Boost Curl jelly.

Thanks to its 10 supercharged active ingredients, KURL NECTAR moisturizes and protects curls while optimizing their definition.

Yes, with the Sérum Croissance that nourishes the hair fiber and stimulates the scalp.

You can use the Smoothie daily on wet or dry hair to nourish and moisturize the hair if needed.

The most suitable shampoo is Perfect Match because it is the lightest shampoo in the range and contains golden linseed and fruit extracts to moisturize. You can also use the Sunshine Clean because it contains purifying agents including lemon essential oil that rebalances the scalp's pH

In no poo, Tropical Detox is also ideal.

It is best applied to dry hair.

It's best to spray your hair with a water spray beforehand to help reshape the curls.

As a growth serum: apply to the scalp as regularly as possible using circular movements to activate blood circulation and thus stimulate growth. Do not rinse.

In oil bath: apply to damp hair from scalp to lengths. Leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes under a heated cap. Rinse and then proceed with your usual washing routine.

As a finishing oil: apply at the end of your styling routine. A few drops are enough to seal in the moisture. No rinsing required.

Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes under a heating cap so that it penetrates the hair fiber. After 30 minutes, the mask will be impregnated. Rinse with clear water.

Some of our non-rinsable products contain essential oils for their virtues and fragrance.

The products that do not contain essential oils are:
- The shampooing Perfect Clean shampoo
- The shampooing Bubble Dream shampoo
- The Cream Conditioner
- The soin Tropical Detox treatment
- The Kurl Nectar leave-in
- The Boost Curl jelly
- The Cocktail Curl Remedy treatment
- The Magic Twist butter cream
- The Smoothie Ananas hair milk
- The Kurl Potion leave-in

Our products that do not contain essential oils are all suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Products containing essential oils at the end of their composition or that can be rinsed off can also be used during this period but we advise you to check with your doctor. Here are the products concerned:

Rinsable products with essential oils at the end of the composition:

- Perfect Match: essential oil of bergamot at the end of the composition
- Sunshine Clean: lemon essential oil
- Pink Paradise: essential oil of pink grapefruit at the end of the composition

The objective of the jelly is to bring moisture by fixing the curls. It contains a humectant cocktail that will help maintain moisture in the hair. It is thus compatible with the not very porous hair.

Yes, all our products are vegan except the Kurl Nectar which has honey and the food supplements containing fish gelatin.

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