Sunshine Clean - Shampoo - 200ml
Sunshine Clean - Shampoo - 200ml
Sunshine Clean - Shampoo - 200ml
Sunshine Clean - Shampoo - 200ml

Sunshine Clean Shampoo - 200ml

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Thanks to the purifying action of the lemon essential oil, it is particularly recommended to people subject to itching, dandruff and sensitive scalp.
The panthenol (provitamin B5) strengthens hair from the roots down to the ends. It coats your hair, leaves it shiny, soft and easy to comb.
Our anti-dandruff active composed of ECOCERT certified amino-acid is dermo-soothing, dermo-purifying and dermo-protective.
Effective with a dandruff reduction of 55% from the first month.

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  • Cruelty-free
  • Recyclable packaging
    Emballage recyclable
  • Vegan

98,6 % natural origin ingredients, the Sunshine Clean shampoo treats sensitive scalps related problems thanks to its dermo-soothing and purifying agents that rebalance pH.
Its sweet pomegranate smell makes your hair routine sunny! Your washing routine becomes a pure moment of happiness.
This shampoo is suited for wavy, curly, kinky and coily hair.

  • The coconut washing base combined to vegetable glycerin brings hydration, helps detangle and defines your curls.
  • The panthenol B5 is a strengthening and repairing active. It leaves hair shiny, soft and easy to comb.
  • The lemon essential oil regulates sebum secretion, soothes and purifies the scalp.
  • The anti-dandruff asset composed of ECOCERT certified amino-acid is dermo-soothing, dermo-purifying and dermo-protective at the same time.

* Anti-dandruff active ingredient, dermo-protective
** Preservative certified ECOCERT

      Apply the shampoo to wet hair by insisting well on the scalp while making circular movements and let the creamy mousse go down to your lenghts. Do not hesitate to section your hair in order to clean your scalp more easily. If you have applied an oil bath before, feel free to shampoo twice. For a complete washing routine, apply our Pink Paradise conditioner afterwards.

      Use precautions: For external use only. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with clear water.

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      We tell you everything

      Focus on ingredients

      Coconut oil

      Brings shine and nutrition

      Coconut oil is present in our cleansing agent. It adds shine, nutrition and softness to the hair.

      Lemon essential oil

      Purifies and cleanses the scalp

      Lemon essential oil brings shine to the hair. It also helps to tighten the hair scales while making it less brittle and stronger.

      Pomegranate Fragrance

      Smell the sweet smell of pomegranate

      They are crazy about it...

      Our motto: satisfaction. Our goal: healthy products that are free of petrochemicals and components that can alter the health of the hair.
      Efficient and soft shampoo

      I am satisfied with the relaxing and anti-dandruff effect of the shampoo. It’s not “aggressive” and leaves hair clean and soft (I have straight hair). The shampoo is less liquid than the Perfect Clean, I prefer. A little bit expensive but I am happy with it so I recommend it!

      Caroline Médoc
      An awesome anti-dandruff!

      I’ve just finished this product and it has done miracles on my scalp! I recommend it especially if you have sensitive and irritated scalp.

      It looks like it could be eaten

      Amazing shampoos for textured hair! I love the packaging, the names and the composition, it looks like it could be eaten like lemon 😂☺️


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