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Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

Un sorbet corporel Litchi-Mûre offert pour toute routine achetée !


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5 conseils pour favoriser le volume de vos cheveux texturés

5 tips to boost the volume of your textured hair

Jeanne Roche

Who has never wanted to have a dreamy mane? Some people prefer volume, others definition, still others absolutely want both. They are obviously not incompatible but require an understanding of your hair fiber and a few essential gestures .

Be careful not to confuse voluminous hair with sparkling hair. Voluminous hair is not synonymous with mass but rather with hair density. Someone with low density and thin hair will naturally have a harder time getting volume.

On the contrary, foamy hair is more a synonym of lack of hydration because it has been denatured by the use of too aggressive products such as smoothing, straightening, coloring, etc.

We give you all the tips to gain volume while keeping your definition and above all healthy textured hair.

Don't be too heavy-handed

When you apply your washing , styling or even your treatment products , the hair absorbs the quantity of components it needs and the rest can stay on the surface of the hair fiber . This excess product can have two consequences: greasy hair and/or heavy hair. Naturally, the overall mass will therefore be more packed and therefore less voluminous.

If this is your case (and it can happen even with your favorite hair routine…), consider clarifying with our Tropical Detox to remove any excess product and purify your saturated scalp. Leave this detox treatment on wet hair for 10 to 20 minutes before your shampoo.

Apply light products

Of course, the richness, especially in terms of product nutrition, will have to be monitored . A product that is too moisturizing or nourishing will inevitably weigh down the hair mass.

Some time ago, Kelly thought about a range of products that responds precisely to this kind of problem: need for hydration, lightness and volume . This is how the Weightless Program was born in May 2022 . A range composed of a shampoo , a conditioner and a leave-in allowing all textures to have products that meet their daily needs without weighing them down.

Are you looking for volume? Choose this trio and adapt your routine:

Apply styling products upside down

In order not to overload the roots with products and prevent the hair from breathing, remember to apply them upside down, scrunching your lengths. The product will be better distributed and your hair will be less heavy.

Peel off your roots once dry

This is the tip not to forget!

Once your hair is completely dry, one last touch is needed: lift your roots for perfect volume. Using your fingers or a large comb, energetically separate your fiber at the root for a fan effect in curls.

You can repeat this gesture several times during the day if you wish.

Diffuser dry

The diffuser hair dryer will be much better than the classic hair dryer for textured hair. Used on cold air, it will gently dry the fiber without attacking it with a violent hot wind. For the volume it will be perfect: the air diffused over a large part of the hair will separate the locks without breaking the definition!

To pre-dry your lengths, don't hesitate to do a plopping with our Kiss Towel.


You have all the keys to get out with the volume you deserve!