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5 techniques pour protéger ses cheveux crépus la nuit

5 techniques to protect your kinky hair at night

Jeanne Roche

Finding your hair routine is great, but protecting your hair at night will be beneficial to the overall health of your kinky hair! This is because moisture evaporates or is absorbed by the tissues throughout the night. We give you our best tips: 

1. Moisturising and nourishing

Giving your hair food and water is the first tip. With the LOC et LCOmethods, your hair will get the moisture and nutrition it needs. The LOC method works like this: 

  • L is for leave-in: Moisturize the hair with a leave-in such as our Kurl Nectar for example, or a milk like one of our Smoothies**
  • O is for oil: Seal in this hydration with an oil or an oil concentrate like our Sérum Croissance
  • C is for cream : Close the cuticles with a cream such as Magic Twist nourishing buttercream Magic Twist


In the LCO method, we simply reverse step 2 with step 3 to finish sealing in the moisture.This way, you can lock moisture into your hair fiber all day and retain the benefits of your routines. 


Cheveux crépus - Les Secrets de Loly

2. Detangling before going to sleep

It's perfectly fine to detangle your hair before bed, as long as your hair is dampened or you risk breaking your ends! You can also apply a cream ou un leave-in to soften the knots!

Doing protectrices hairstyles


In order to protect your hair from external attacks, friction and breakage, you can perform protective styling regularly, remembering to let your hair breathe naturally for several days between each style. Don't hesitate to apply Magic Twist when doing Braid Out or Twist Out for example, or the Boost Curl jelly at the beginning of locks! Also, remember to maintain your styles on a daily basis by spraying Cocktail Curl Remedy or the Sérum Croissance* to make then last longer. 


Protect your fiber all night long


Before going to sleep, it is important to protect and care for your kinky hair: Cocktail Curl Remedy 

spray with mango butter, pure keratin, raspberry oil and aloe vera will moisturize and nourish very dry hair. Then protect your hair with a satin cap 

that retains moisture and prevents hair from rubbing against the ear. If you don't feel like being cooped up, a silk or satin pillowcase is your best friend! Your hair will be more supple until the morning and the refresh.




Cheveux crépus - Les Secrets de Loly

Start with a good routine in the morning


Once the night is over, there's no better way to start the day than to refresh your hair with a spray and then apply your produits coiffants

in small amounts. You can also do a co-wash if you feel the need to wash your hair again!

I find my products for my kinky hair


*The Sérum Croissance is not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women because it contains essential oils.

**Among the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and nursing women because it contains no essential oils.