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Curly hair and sport: which routine to choose?

Are you looking to keep your curls defined and silky even with the practice of one or more sports, sometimes intensive? We understand you! This is one of the most recurring problems with our Loly's and we have decided to make it a theme to be able to answer all your questions?

Because we know, keeping your hair tied for 2 hours, dealing with the chlorine in the swimming pool or even sweating after doing your routine, is not always very appreciated in the long term. So how do you protect your curls and above all find them still bouncy and healthy after your weekly sessions? We give you our tips:

Routine on the days of your session

And yes ! You should not bring the same active ingredients to your curly hair on days with sport and days without sport. It all starts with understanding your hair and how it reacts to the sport you play. The advice we give can be adapted according to your practice or your frequency of activity:

before sports

The essential thing to do before doing your sports session: protect your hair fiber and moisturize it so that it does not dry out during your session.
First, consider applying a moisturizer before sport:

During the session

Then, it will not be necessary to attach them without precaution. You can do a hairstyle that combines aesthetics and comfort: a simple bun, a ponytail, braids on the sides. You choose ! Then select suitable accessories:

  • for maximum hold and a discreet attachment without damaging the fibre, opt for the Pineapple Ring: blue or pink, depending on your taste.

  • for an aesthetic hairstyle, the Skurlchie will be perfect: elegance, smooth hold and protection of the hair fibre.

Curly hair and sport

After the session

At the end of your session, a refresh is essential!

Do you train in the morning and don't want to get your hair completely wet? First dampen your curly hair with Rainbow Mist and then apply your favorite styling product.
You can also put the product directly in your vaporizer at 10% for 90% water!

To start from scratch in your routine without going through the deep wash box, the co-wash will be your best ally! Clean your curly hair with a conditioner to wash, detangle, moisturize gently without a full shampoo! Opt for the Cream Conditioner so as not to overload your scalp too much, and for tough knots, it will be the Pink Paradise.

Daily maintenance

How is your basic hair routine going? Do you feel your hair dry every day? Sport, friction and external aggressions will not help! On a daily basis, remember to provide the dose of hydration and nutrition your hair needs! Not sure you know how to decipher the expectations of your hair? Our expert is here to support you! Just send her a message on Instagram or Facebook with a picture of your hair!

Every week, remember to alternate moisturizing treatment and nourishing treatment to strengthen your hair fiber and hydrate your curls! Little by little, you will find your curly hair more bouncy at the end of your sports sessions!

Tips from the LSL team

If you opt for a Rainbow Mist filled with water (90%) and hair product (10%) or simply if you use it very regularly, you can clean it with white vinegar: fill it halfway with water lukewarm and add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.