Cheveux frisés : pensez hydratation et nutrition une chevelure de rêve

Curly hair: think hydration and nutrition for 2022

Good resolutions start now! And with them, the right products. Curly hair has the particularity of needing as much nutrition as hydration. And that's just what you need, because in the special Christmas box for coily hair, you have the perfect combo: 

Moisturize to soften and shiner

The more curly hair is, the more the curls' turns make the hair's natural sebum escape. It is therefore necessary to moisturize it daily and during care. The Perfect Clean ultra moisturizing shampoo will gently cleanse the fiber and provide moisture. The Boost Curl jelly is the first styling product to be applied when you get out of the shower, as it is a very effective humectant complex that will make your hair soft and silky!

Weekly moisturizing treatments are also a plus! The Repair Time treatment will give more bounce month after month!


Des cadeaux à foison dans la boxe de Noël spéciale cheveux frisés, pensée par @AliciaAylies

Nourish the fiber and seal in moisture

Both after the moisturizing shampoo and after the moisturizing gel, it will be important to help the hair fiber retain water! This is called "sealing in moisture". The Pink Paradise conditioner will complement the moisture provided by the shampoo but also and especially seal in the moisture thanks to its synergy of sweet almond and jojoba oils.
After the
 Boost Curl, the Smoothie* will intensely nourish and protect the lengths.

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

The three Smoothies can be used in several ways depending on your desires and habits!

- On wet hair when you get out of the shower or in the morning after having moistened your hair.

- On dry hair to maintain moisture and nutrition in the hair fiber.

- In a spray bottle filled with 90% water to refresh your curls in the morning or at any time of the day!

I need the coily hair box!

*Of the three Smoothie scents, only the Pineapple Smoothie is suitable for children and pregnant and nursing women because it contains no essential oils.