Comment attacher ses cheveux bouclés, frisés et crépus

How to tie up your curly, coily and kinky hair

Do you have dozens of hairstyle ideas but can't find the right one that suits your texture? Using the right accessories to hold your hair, applying the right products to keep it hydrated and nourished as it should be… so many details that will make the difference for on fleek hairstyles that hold!

Hydration is key

We tell you and repeat it to you, in the long term (and even the short), hydration allows your hair to use its full potential ! A hydrated fiber will be much more supple, better defined, less tangled and therefore easier to style!

Every week, remember to leave the Repair Time mask on for 20 minutes . Its formula based on aloe vera and glycerin will deeply hydrate the hair, while macadamia and jojoba oil will strengthen it for stronger hair. Provitamin B5, a fortifying active ingredient, sheaths the fiber and makes it shinier.

When you tie your hair up, consider applying a dab of your favorite styling product after dampening your hair with Rainbow Mist. You can fill it with 100% water or choose your styler for 70% water and 30% product:

  • For wavy or curly hair, Boost Curl jelly will be your hairstyling ally when you want to fix your fiber or define it by giving it everything it loves.
    Apply it to flatten your hair or to define curls, always on damp hair.
  • For coily hair, Boost Curl can also be used to bring out your curls and protect the fiber. One of our Smoothies* will be ideal for a more intense refresh or drier hair, on damp hair or not.
  • For kinky hair , buttercream Magic Twist will help you protect your prettiest hairstyles and keep them nourished if you want to keep a hairstyle longer than a day.

Hairstyles wavy, curly, curly, frizzy hair

The appropriate accessories

Because a pretty elaborate hairstyle is perfect with the right accessory, we have listed some ideas for hairstyles with the right accessories!
  • A half ponytail on wavy or curly hair: a Pineapple Ring for a discreet look or a Skurlchie for more fantasy
  • Double buns on coily hair: two Skurlchies to bring out your curls
  • A ponytail with your braids: a colored Pineapple Ring
  • A puff on kinky hair: a Skurlchie

Little trick for the Pineapple Ring rubber bands that tend to relax from tying your hair, just put your rubber bands in a bowl of hot water (be careful not boiling!) as in our TikTok video.

We don't forget the children!

Your little ones can also have the same hairstyles as the big ones and these accessories will allow them to protect their wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair throughout their intense day! The Skurlchie and its 100% composition will soften your child's fiber even if they keep the hairstyle during all their activities.
The Pineapple Ring will allow a greater maintenance of the hair, while avoiding breakage!

*Among the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women because it does not contain any essential oil.