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How to take care of your curly hair?

Léonie Daigremont

Curly hair is recognizable by its shape of curls which curl more on themselves . The key words to keep in mind when understanding curly hair are hydration and nutrition . They are more fragile than wavy and curly hair because the bends of the curls are closer together and therefore tend to break more .

To limit breakage, we advise you to detangle your wet hair thoroughly with a suitable brush when applying the conditioner.

The curly hair washing routine

If you have fine curly hair , go for Perfect Match , this light shampoo will gently cleanse your hair. Your hair is clean, hydrated and soft!

To detangle your hair and add volume, the Cream Conditioner will be your best ally. It is to be applied after shampooing. This conditioner will improve curl formation without weighing down the hair. While waiting for the conditioner to apply, use a suitable brush to gently detangle your hair.

After rinsing off the Cream Conditioner , apply the Kurl Potion . This leave-in without rinsing defines curls and hydrates the hair. Apply it in small doses to the lengths.

Finally, use the Boost Curl as a last step to avoid dehydration, for bouncy curls and silky hair!

Find the complete routine for fine curly hair at a reduced price here !

For thick curly hair , cleanse your hair with Perfect Clean shampoo . It gently cleanses the hair and removes impurities from the scalp. Then move on to detangling! This step is very important to soften and repair the hair fiber. Nothing better than Pink Paradise , our ultra-detangling conditioner to take care of your thick curly hair. Take advantage of the application of Pink Paradise to brush your hair and remove tangles in the shower.

Rinse out the conditioner then use our hair gel. The Boost Curl is to be applied by scrunching upside down with a microfiber towel to remove the antecedent. This jelly is a real anti-dehydration shield which allows curls to be perfectly silky and bouncy. Finally, a hair milk is essential to nourish and moisturize curly hair. Apply the Smoothie to all lengths and dry your hair in the open air or with a diffuser.

Do you want a complete routine for thick curly hair at a very reasonable price? It's this way .

Refreshing curly hair

If you want to refresh your curly hair , it is first necessary to moisten your hair with a spray to reform the curls and allow the products to penetrate better. Then apply your leave-ins:

If you want a little more volume without adding products, use the Magik Comb, our volumizing comb to lift out the roots .

The night routine for curly hair

To protect your frizzy hair at night , head to silk accessories . Silk helps protect the hair and boost the effects of the treatments applied . Grab a silk scrunchie and tie your hair into a pineapple shape . If you're comfortable wearing a night cap, put on a silk night cap . If you're not comfortable sleeping in a bonnet, head to silk pillowcases .

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