Compléments alimentaires 4C : coup de boost pour ses longueurs

4C food supplements : boost for his lengths

Need to strengthen your hair and nails? To avoid breakage? To gain volume? The 4C Food Supplements help you in your hair evolution! 🪴 

Its composition: maintenance of hydration & fortification

The 4C food supplements, initially for Complexe Croissance Cheveux Crépus (Complex Growth Kinky Hair) are suitable for all textured hair, to have wavy, curly, curly and frizzy! Rich in vitamins and minerals, they will promote the growth of nails and hair while strengthening and protecting the lengths. The active ingredients in the capsules, such as lithothamnion powder and zinc, will also maintain moisture in the fiber. Brewer's yeast will stimulate hair growth, and grape seed oil and soy will revitalize and strengthen damaged hair.

Textured hair - Les Secrets de Loly

Its use: 2 capsules per day

In order to optimize their use, take 2 capsules per day for one month, preferably at mealtime. You can also take oil baths with the Sérum Croissance hair care oil to stimulate the scalp and further promote growth. Obviously, to promote its effectiveness, we advise you to have a healthy lifestyle, to drink a lot of water, to have a healthy diet, to do sports and to avoid any form of stress. 

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For best results, we recommend a 3-month treatment and a 1-month break between treatments to prevent your body from getting used to it.