Différence entre cheveux ondulés et cheveux bouclés

Difference between wavy and curly hair

The lexicon of hair textures can sometimes be a little overwhelming. And once you've mastered it, the next step is to choose the right products. As we know, the flow of information is such that you can get lost pretty quickly! Here we give you the difference between wavy and curly hair, with the best products for each texture:

Wavy hair: more or less pronounced waves

wavy hair, between 2A and 2C according to the grid of André Walker, will take the shape of waves more or less bounced. Some wavy hair will start almost at the roots while others will be more pronounced at the lengths. This can be due to the thickness of the hair or its length. There are many misconceptions about wavy hair: it's thin, it loses volume... Every hair is different and it can be thin or thick, dense or sparse. We're here to help you understand your texture and find the right products.
In terms of daily care, wavy hair will have two choices of leave-in to moisturize and soften the fiber: the Kurl Nectar which is rich enough, moisturizing and protein-rich for very dry or thick wavy hair, or the Kurl Potion which comes from the Weightless Program and is still moisturizing but much lighter. It promotes volume.
In both cases, the Boost Curl can be applied afterwards to lock in the moisture and protect the hair fiber from external attacks and frizz.

Wavy hair - Les Secrets de Loly

Curly hair: wide, supple springs

Curly hair will take on the shape of a larger or smaller spring. It lies between 3A and 3C with more or less pronounced curls. When wet, curly hair can expand to near straightness but curls fairly quickly upon application of styling products and during the drying stage. For the styling stage, scrunching is your best bet: better definition, better product distribution in the hair, less frizz and more bounce. In short, we love scunching your curls!

For the best hair, don't forget to choose the right styling products. These are the same as for wavy hair, namely the Kurl Potion for fine hair looking for volume or the Kurl Nectar for thicker curly hair. Followed by the Boost Curl to set the curl and prevent frizz. For thick curly hair that is especially dry or damaged, you can apply one of our Smoothies, after your washing routine. This hair milk is much richer so use sparingly.

Weekly treatments for all textures

Whether it's for wavy hair or curly hair that requires more hydration than nutrition to keep it soft and supple, it will be necessary to use deep moisturizing treatments: apply the Repair Time mask once a week to soften and hydrate your hair fiber.

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For a morning refresh, consider filling a spray bottle with 90% water, preferably mineral and lime-free, and 10% of your favorite styling product. Spray your hair and scrunch!

*Of the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and nursing women because it contains no essential oils.