Entretenir ses cheveux colorés : bouclés, frisés, crépus, ondulés

Caring for colored hair: curly, coily, kinky, wavy

The end of year celebrations, special occasions, the desire to change your color or the need to color part of your hair, there are many occasions to change your head! So if you feel like coloring your hair, whether you do it regularly or not, there are 2-3 things you should know.

In this article, we give you our techniques for maintaining your colors, keeping them longer and keeping your hair healthy:

Why maintain your colored hair

If you want to keep your color as long as possible and not end up with straw on your head, it will be important to take care of your color. Whether you have brown, blonde, grey, blue or green hair, if you color your hair chemically (which is the solution offered in most hair salons), the products applied will still damage the hair fibre.

Indeed, during a chemical coloring, the cuticles, present to protect the fibre and regulate the contribution of cosmetic active ingredients, will lift and remain open. The product's oxidant will then lighten the natural pigments present in the cortex, alongside the keratin. Your hair will then be very weakened and porous.

Favour vegetable-based colorings

We therefore recommend using vegetable dyes like this one, especially if you just want to darken your natural color a little. Lightening it or changing the color radically will be complicated with the pigments present in natural powders.

Colorations cheveux texturés

Do rich, protein-filled masks

Care, care, care! This is the key word when it comes to caring for colored hair! Doing moisture masks will help keep your fibre soft and bouncy. The Repair Time will be your ally week after week thanks to its pro-vitamin B5 which coats and strengthens and jojoba and macadamia vegetable oils which preserve the colors. Once a week after your shampoo, your hair will stay soft and shiny!

On a daily basis, you can apply the Cocktail Curly Remedy on dry or wet hair. Its composition based on aloe vera, raspberry plant oil and pure keratin will strengthen and repair the damaged fibre and protect it further.

Gently cleanse

First of all, we recommend waiting 2 to 3 days before shampooing your hair for the first time so that your color does not fade. Then use a gentle shampoo, such as the Perfect Match and rinse with lukewarm or even cold water for the more daring.

Avoid using the Tropical Détox for 2 weeks after coloring. This product contains kaolin, an ingredient that can cause color to bleed. After these 2 weeks, you can detox every month or month and a half.

Cut your ends regularly

Cutting your ends every 3 months is already something we advise our Lolys to do. It is even more important for people with colored hair, who have a little more damage from chemicals.

Regular deep conditioning and trimming of your ends is the secret for a color that lasts & healthier hair

I take care of my color!