Finger coils : la clé d'une belle définition

Finger coils: the key to great definition

Wondering how all those curlies get near-perfect definition? The answer is in the gesture: the finger coil. We give techniques and tips to succeed every time!

Simple method, without accessories

This is indeed one of the simplest styling techniques for textured hair. Because, yes! It's equally suitable for curly, kinky, wavy or coily hair! Everyone has the right to their dream hair!

All you need are your fingers, especially your index fingers, and your favorite styling products.

Seal in moisture and set curls

Finger Coils - Les Secrets de Loly

Making finger coils is easy. Apply your styling products to the entire length of your hair as usual and apply the product that will seal in your moisture and set your curls!

  • For kinky hair: apply Magic Twist buttercream to nourish and seal in the moisture provided by one of your Smoothies

  • For coily hair: it will be Smoothie right after the Boost Curl jelly. 

  • For wavy and curly hair: you can apply the Boost Curl after softening your hair with the Kurl Nectar leave-in.

    Very fine curly hair can also use the Boost Curl.

Then start wrapping small strands of hair around your index finger to the ends. Be sure not to touch them until they are completely dry to limit frizz! @moicestmohand_ shows you his technique!

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly

For more volume, don't hesitate to divide some of your strands in two and then use your fingers to loosen your roots!