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Ingrédients des produits Les Secrets de Loly

Ingredients of Les Secrets de Loly products

Jeanne Roche

Knowing what you are putting in your hair and on your body has become essential before making your purchases? Do you read each composition meticulously and know the benefits of each active ingredient at your fingertips? We understand you!

At Les Secrets de Loly, the team is committed to making this work as easy as possible for you by helping you to decipher the compositions and explain the sometimes incomprehensible vocabulary of active cosmetics.

Minimum composition 97% of natural origin

Since its creation in 2009, Kelly has always wanted to offer natural products adapted to wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair. Each composition created has required months of work in order to achieve a minimum of 97% of ingredients of natural origin. Today, within our range, 2 products are 100% natural: 4C food supplements and the Serum Croissance.

Product categories

Protein agents: strengthen and protect

Several proteins are part of our essential products at Les Secrets de Loly.

Jojoba protein, present in all three Smoothies, will make hair stronger and softer at the same time for easier styling week after week!

Almond milk protein, found mainly in the Bubble Dream shampoo for children, protects against dehydration and makes the hair more elastic.

Other proteins are used in our products such as Baobab protein in the Perfect Clean, or sweet almond protein in the Magic Twist.

Ingrédients produits Les Secrets de Loly

Moisturizing and humectant agents: soften and give bounce

First and foremost, water! But be careful not to get your hair wet every day, as this can make your fibre too fragile. The Boost Curl, a moisture-rich hair gel, contains just the right amount. Coupled with provitamin B5, the water will help moisturize your hair fibre without leaving a cardboard effect.

One of the favorite components of Les Secrets de Loly is aloe vera. It is present in several products and will allow to moisturize and soften the fiber. Its benefits will also regulate the secretion of sebum and therefore soothe the scalp. The products that contain it are :

  • The Smoothies: moisturizing and nourishing hair milks, they will be perfect for coily hair that is looking for a daily milk. For kinky hair, they will mainly soften the fiber.
  • The Kurl Nectar: a supercharged leave-in suitable for all types of textured hair, it is recommended for thicker, drier hair.
  • The Repair Time: the moisture mask of the range, to be applied every week for supple and shiny hair. 

Glycerin is a cousin of aloe vera as it provides deep moisture.

  • The Repair Time also contains glycerin for optimal moisture!
  • For wavy, curly and/or very fine hair, the Kurl Potion is made with glycerin and other conditioning agents.

A multi-tasking ingredient, honey is a well-known humectant in DIY recipes.

  • Present in the Kurl Nectar, it provides moisture and softness to the hair as well as shine and shine.

Ingrédients produits Les Secrets de Loly

Nutritive agents: seal and prevent breakage

1 - Vegetable oils

Fatty or dry, vegetable oils each have their own properties. In total, more than ten are found in Les Secrets de Loly products, providing nutrition and sealing: 
Raspberry oil is a concentrate of vitamins and antioxidants. It will also protect the fibre from external attacks such as the sun's rays:

  • The Cocktail Curl Remedy, a protective moisture spray, contains raspberry oil coupled with pure keratin and aloe vera to strengthen and soften the fibre, especially when it is subjected to high temperatures.

Sweet almond oil is present in several products to soften the fibre. It is a concentrated but light oil:

  • The Pink Paradise known for its incomparable detangling action, contains it to provide suppleness and facilitate detangling.

Macadamia oil is a protective oil that prevents cell aging and softens the hair fibre: 

  • Present in the Magic Twist, it helps to nourish and protect the hair during a classic routine or when you are doing your protective styling.
  • The Repair Time also contains a small amount to add a little extra moisture to the treatment. Macadamia oil will also help preserve colors.

The Sérum Croissance, a concentrate of plant and essential oils, contains 6 of them: avocado, sweet almond, coconut, jojoba, soy and olive.

2 - Butters

Mango butter and its intense nutritive power will strengthen and soften the fibre to limit breakage: Nourishes and strengthens.

  • It is present in the Smoothies to strengthen the fiber and limit the appearance of split ends.
  • The Cocktail Curl Remedy will also contain mango butter to nourish and provide shine and suppleness.

Each texture is different and will need its dose of hydration, nutrition and protein. It's not a simple thing but by learning to understand her hair, you can adapt your routine week after week. We hope this article has helped you and stay tuned on Instagram or Facebook for personalized questions.

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