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Interview Amélie : “Acceptez et appréciez ce que vous avez pour aimer qui vous êtes”

Interview Amélie: “Accept and appreciate what you have to love who you are”

Léonie Daigremont

Amélie joined the Les Secrets de Loly adventure in October 2022 as product manager in the marketing team. She takes care of product development until they are put on sale. His job is quite comprehensive and allows him to have a good knowledge of the hair products market.

Adolescence and self-construction

Amélie didn't always have textured hair, when she was little, she had straight hair. Its texture changed during adolescence from middle school. Now, Amélie has a double texture , she has curly and wavy hair .

In middle school, she suffered a lot of teasing from her classmates for her curls. She explains that the trend at the time was straight hair . Amélie therefore straightened her hair to resemble the icons of the time . She felt better about herself with straight hair. Her hair routine was very long and could last 2 hours. It was the price she had decided to pay for having confidence in herself .

In the crucial period of self-construction which is adolescence, the views of others are important. Amélie explains that the boys didn't like curly hair and preferred straight hair. To please others, she was therefore forced to hide her true hair type .

The revelation of her natural hair

Amélie had a breakthrough during her higher studies, she made a friend who had curly hair. She found it so pretty with her curls that she wanted to leave her own hair natural. Amélie's hair transition was in two stages , firstly, she stopped straightening her hair while continuing to use conventional products. Then, she looked into more natural products that respect her hair .

When she arrived at Les Secrets de Loly , Amélie did not yet have the right actions in mind and used the minimum of products, that is to say a shampoo and a mask from time to time. She quickly realized that the way of applying the products was very important and that each product had a crucial role . She started applying conditioner and realized that detangling is a very important step to having beautiful definition .

Today, Amélie feels good about herself with her natural hair. She emphasizes the fact that her transition has been long but that you have to be patient to accept its texture and find the right products .

Amélie ended her testimony with a very beautiful word that sums up her life experience well: “ Accept and appreciate what you have to love who you are .”

Her must-haves for taking care of your curly hair

Amélie reveals her favorite Les Secrets de Loly products:

  • The Boost Curl : it's the first product she tested and it's by far her favorite!
  • Le Kurl Nectar : ​​Amélie discovered the leave-ins when she arrived at Les Secrets de Loly and she can no longer do without them.
  • Kurl Fusion : Amélie has a double texture (wavy and curly), this rich leave-in allows it to take care of and nourish its double texture. The little extra? She loves the smell of pi ñ a colada!