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Interview d’Audrey : du défrisage au big chop

Audrey's interview: from straightening to big chop

Jeanne Roche

Let's discover the experience of Audrey, 25 years old, who tells us about her hair evolution and all the steps she went through to assume more and more her hair with a double texture, coily/kinky.

Her relationship with her hair from a young age

Audrey defines her very evolving relationship with her hair! First of all, it was "a really complicated story" with a first straightening at the age of 10: "I wanted it to be easier to manage".
Easier to manage because in Reunion Island, where she grew up, natural products were not as accessible and democratized as today. Straightening her hair was normal and even "the dream" for her.

So she started with one straightening per year, then 2, then 3 until it became part of her hair habits.

Her first experience at the hairdresser

When she arrived in metropolitan France at the age of 20 for her studies, she was quickly confronted with even fewer representations of textured hair and therefore even more difficulties in assuming her natural hair. Her first experience at the hairdresser's didn't help her: "sorry, we can't take you" said the hairdresser when she saw her natural hair. She had never been made to feel that way, she had never been made to feel that her hair was "not normal". But what is normal? Is there a standard of hair beauty? The answer is obviously no and Audrey realized it after this episode.

Her way to acceptance

With her multiple straightenings and increasingly damaged hair, Audrey went for it! Overnight, she watched dozens of YouTube videos searching for natural curly and kinky hair tips, and discovered terms like twist-out, co-wash and big chop. It was all unknown to her, but she persevered and that was the beginning of the change!

Today and after a big chop 4 years ago, her relationship with her hair is much better! She is not perfect but she is always looking for the best natural products to enhance her coily/kinky hair.

Today, Audrey embraces her natural hair!

I find the right products for my hair transition!