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Interview de Camille : sa transition vers des boucles saines

Camille's interview: her transition to healthy curls

Jeanne Roche

At 22 years old, Camille learned how to take care of her curly hair on her own. With little advice around her, discover how she learned to take charge of her hair:

A lack of representation around her  

From a young age, Camille has always had a complicated relationship with her hair. She didn't straighten it, but fully assuming it was a daily challenge. And for good reason, neither her family nor her friends around her had textured hair and could not advise her on suitable hair care.

So she started to learn on her own how to manage her curly hair while her straight friends were straightening and pulling their hair.

Her evolution towards natural hair

At the end of high school, Camille started to let her hair down but it was still complicated because she found it awkward, voluminous and taking care of it was long and tedious. She then started to buy products from supermarkets that were praised, to wet her hair every day to get nice curls but the final result was not up to her expectations. 

So she started to learn about better products and techniques. On social networks, she discovered the account of La Belle Boucle and its advice for curly and fine hair and especially on natural and healthy brands. Then the finger coil came into her life: well defined curls, less volume, less frizz. Everything Camille had been looking for for so many years!

The transition term 

Seeing all these Instagram accounts and sharing of experiences gave Camille the opportunity to put into words the process she had been going through these past few months. The term transition came up a lot and she realized that switching from unnatural to natural and healthy products was what she had started doing in high school. This term made her realize how far she had come from the plated hair of middle school. Her hair transition was gradual and thanks to tutorials and brands like Les Secrets de Loly, Camille now fully embraces her curly hair!

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