Interview Louise : des pleurs hier, un amour sain pour ses cheveux bouclés aujourd’hui

Interview Louise: crying yesterday, healthy love for her curly hair today

For more than 1 year on social networks, Louise has experienced a radical transition since she did not even know that her hair was textured. Products for straight hair, non-specialized hairdressers… his debut on TikTok allowed him to understand his hair and its needs and to help a generation that was sometimes lost and insecure.

Straightening as a feeling of belonging

Early in middle school, Louise began straightening her hair, without heat protectant or paying attention not to damage her hair. It was logical for her to fit into a box and look like her friends .

The daughter of a woman with curly hair, her mother's reaction was to reassure her by explaining to her that her natural hair was beautiful and that she could be proud of it . But Louise's determination could not yield to her mother's speech of acceptance.

Other comments at school encouraged her to keep her natural curls and waves, which she described as “unstyled”. But even if these positive reactions vis-à-vis her natural hair did Louise a lot of good, the other comments which approved of her straightening weighed heavier in the social balance. It was a way for her to look prettier, more dressed up.

She went so far as to use extreme smoothing products to relax her hair as much as possible, it had become normal. But these habits were not without damage : its length, at the time to the navel, was only decreasing and breaking, so much it pulled on damaged hair.

His advice: take pictures to see its evolution

Then Louise said to herself that she was going to try to keep her hair natural, to see if she liked it that way. The first step was to go out without straightening your hair: successful step. She then returned regularly to smoothing and a transition period followed during which she only smoothed her front lock… The rest of her hair was beginning to be revealed: her hair was curly!

She then started new hair products , mousses, creams, all of which seemed too rich for her wavy/curly texture . This is where she discovered the natural world , a world filled with information, tips and products. The Aroma-Zone YouTube account and the @ninaturelle and @labelleboucle accounts , two content creators at the time, helped him popularize certain terms and understand the interest of cleaner products. She then turns to Les Secrets de Loly and the Kurl Nectar / Boost Curl combo brings out plump and silky curls!

As soon as she arrives on social networks, Louise takes photos and videos of herself . She tells us that this reflex was the best way for her to understand her hair , what they liked and above all the best way to be proud of the progress made !

Today, Louise is proud of her curly hair, her evolution, the ups and above all the downs she has gone through to get here. “ It was the naturalness that saved me, I did not think I was beautiful before starting my transition

My hair, I owe them everything

When she started sharing this product application tutorial in 2021, at no time did she think it was going to work . Her basic goal was to share anecdotes about her job as a nurse and not just about hair.

But you have to believe that thousands of people have recognized themselves and are sensitive to these hair issues . Today Louise wants to help these people, these young teenagers or young adults. “ I want to accompany this target, at the age at which I would have liked to have had advice on how to manage my hair in a healthy way

My hair is opening up possibilities for me in what I really like, it takes me out of my job as a nurse, which I don't really enjoy


Thanks to Louise for sharing her experience with us, find all her hair advice on her TikTok or her Instagram.