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Marie - Cheveux bouclés - Interview Les Secrets de Loly

Interview Marie: we all have things to say about our curly hair

Jeanne Roche

For the past few years, Marie has been sharing her daily life as a curly-haired content creator on her Instagram and YouTube account. Yet not necessarily destined for this particular field, she quickly realized the value of her curly hair and made it a strength!
She told us about her journey and her vision:

Become aware of its texture with the right products

The positive relationship Marie has today with her curly hair wasn't always like this! She defines herself in peace and harmony with her hair but a few years ago, she did everything to hide it and look like beauty standards.
Because those around her and the people she admired had straight hair. Complexes, inappropriate remarks, traumatic experiences, she sometimes, even often, regretted having curly hair.

Then it was the YouTube wave that allowed her, over several years, to identify with other people, to recognize herself in women with textured hair who take responsibility .
Marie then began to realize the value of her curly hair and its texture.
Once the first stage of awareness, it was necessary to understand them and take care of them. It is through all these YouTube videos, tutorials , that the young future content creator drew her inspiration ! She then began a hair transition and began to learn about the composition of the products she put in her hair .
A few months internship at Les Secrets de Loly allowed her to discover this field and especially to find (finally) a complete hair routine that was good for her curls!

“I realized after a while that my hair was totally different from before. They had a texture that was more pleasant to the touch, softer, easier to detangle, and with plumper, more defined curls with more volume.
In short, everything I wanted, I found with this routine! So I stopped using the old products that were quite harmful to my hair and I was able to identify their true nature”

Free speech for women

Marie tells us about the evolution she felt around brands adapted to textured hair and especially the freedom of speech for women! She has developed with and thanks to this development: more dedicated brands on the market, less content aimed at distorting her hair, she has gradually been able to find her routine, make it evolve and above all begin to advise other women around her!

Because, for Marie, many situations she has experienced have also happened to other women with wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair!
"When we come to see you and ask you if we can touch your hair when we don't know each other, it's unbearable." And again, it's when they ask… Marie is quite amazed at how people have to be so comfortable with her hair .

The My Hair My Power campaign therefore sounded for a bell for Mary, a positive bell and a speech release bell ! This echoed his childhood and adolescence, complexed, wanting to smooth them at all costs.
Today, it is possible to see a committed brand that is proud to show hair in all its textures . To be able to give voice to women who have things to tell because their hair is their story. We all have things to say about our hair . I find it incredible to be able to offer the opportunity to many women to assume themselves as they are and to be able to share it freely.

My hair: my strength, my origins, my personality

Marie without her curly hair isn't Marie, it's part of her, it's her origins, her personality.

Even trying other hairstyles, braids, straightening or others, “ the type of hair that suits me best is mine, so today I am proud of it and to go out with my natural curly hair, to assume them, to talk about them on social networks. My hair is totally my strength ”.

Today Marie is proud to help young women to be able to assume themselves as they are without being afraid of people's eyes!

“Today I love my curly and natural hair and it is really a pleasure to take care of it so that it is healthy. I am proud to have this hair because I am from Martinique and it represents my origins. Keeping my hair natural allows me to accept who I am”