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Interview Ophely Mezino : son afro c’est son identité, sa confiance

Interview Ophely Mezino: her afro is her identity, her confidence

Jeanne Roche

Model, content creator and former Miss, Ophely lives a relationship full of ups and downs with her hair! Today proud of her professional but also capillary career, she tells us about her daily life between personal life, managing emotions via her afro and shootings that are more different from each other.

She tells us her story on the My Hair My Power podcast, interviewed by the founder of Loly's Secrets, Kelly Massol!

Listen to her podcast 

Her job as a model: a strict lifestyle

Ophely explains to us that textured hair in the world of fashion and beauty is still sometimes poorly maintained during projects. With many years in the business, she is not particularly afraid that professionals take care of her hair: today it is her daily life.

But she admits that even if many brands and houses pamper her hair during photo shoots, others sometimes don't have the right products, or even the skills to style her. He has already happened to bring back his own products or to arrive already with his hair done for fear that the hairstylist is not ready to welcome his dream hair.

Today, her image job pushes her to have a very strict lifestyle in terms of her diet, her alcohol consumption but also in her hair routines. For several years, Ophely used the products offered to her, often unnatural, even toxic. An unfortunately event made him experience a click when his hair caught fire during an event. A large quantity of toxic product in her hair, sparks a little too close to her and a small part of her hair caught fire. Since then, she has decided to favor natural products like Les Secrets de Loly !

Her hair: the mirror of her emotions

Very connected on her social medias , Ophely remains quite discreet about her personal and sentimental life. She tells us that she suffers hair loss during emotional shocks or difficult times, particularly in relationships. This usually happens a few months after the event, and his exposure to heat and thermal aggression during his shoots does not help. The example of the Miss France and Miss World elections are the perfect example for her since she tells us that she experienced such an intense emotional lift that her hair let her know: breakage, significant loss, damaged ends...

Hypersensitive but not of a stressed nature, Ophely therefore takes her precautions by regularly cutting her hair and doing cures after these complicated periods. She also does protective hairstyles to keep her hydration and vary the looks.

My Hair My Power: shock and unique

Like most people with textured hair, the My Hair My Power campaign felt like a positive explosion! Intrigued by backstage videos on social networks, she gasped when she left the Opéra metro on a morning like any other: I was in shock. I didn't think it would be so big, I imagined some 4x3 posters but this is the first time I've seen an advertisement for the product and the textures precisely and not for a completely different product with just girls who look like me

For her, as for LSL, it's unprecedented! Highlighting textured hair for what it is, to talk about its needs, its beauty and its diversity as a giant in Paris , this is a first! It made her think of her as a child, arriving in the Pays de la Loire without anyone who looked like her or understood her. Racism, mockery, she developed complexes which today are no longer there! Her hair is part of her, her image, her personality.

“It's part of my identity. Compared to a first professional meeting, I will come with my afro. To feel confident and be totally me, I need to go with my natural afro”