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Interview team LSL : Camilia, les défrisages, le big chop et le naturel

Interview team LSL : Camilia, the relaxers, the big chop and the natural

Jeanne Roche

Camilia is a business developer in France for Les Secrets de Loly and her goal is to make sure that every woman can find natural and quality products easily on the internet or near her home, in a shop.
This desire is all the more important to her as she made a transition and a big chop on her kinky hair about 1 year ago. Since then, with natural products, essential gestures and weekly care, her hair routine is well organized and her motivation is flawless!

Her natural childhood

During all her childhood, Camilia's mom made it a point of honor that she only put natural products on her kinky hair and especially that she didn't do any straightening. For her, straightening inevitably led to a weakening of the hair fiber and thus to a greater need for regular care.
Camilia grew up learning to love her hair, to assume it, it is her heritage. But when she arrived at school, being the only girl with kinky hair and textured hair in general, her beauty standards quickly became the girl with straight, flexible hair that flies in the wind. So she insisted throughout her school years on getting her hair straightened and looking like all her friends who run their hands through their hair. Even when she got to college, where diversity began to reassure Camilia, people with curly and coily hair soon arrived and Camilia felt different because her texture seemed less manageable than those girls. Yet her mother did not give in and continued to refuse the straightening. But when she approached her 18th birthday, her mother thought that she had the right to make this decision if she wanted to but with all the consequences that follow: more damaged hair, care to be done very regularly, straightening every 3 to 4 months...

Her first straightening at 17

It is thus sure of herself that Camilia carries out a first straightening, happy to be able to finally resemble so many people whom she admired as a child. Her mother straightened her hair for the first time but the result was not as smooth as she wanted because the product was not effective enough. Her hair is more softened and stretched than straightened. She's happy with it and likes this new texture.

But her mother was right, the care had to be regular and Camilia did not take enough time and her hair broke, making her lose part of its length. To try to make up for it, she and her mother did braids, braids and then her hair started to grow back still being damaged.

She went to a professional who explained everything to her and then redesigned the hair and applied treatments. Camilia then started to pamper her kinky relaxed hair with monthly visits to the hairdresser.

This habit became her daily routine for 10 years. She never thought about going back to natural because the whole process was normal for her and easier. She felt they were healthy because she was taking regular care of them. Her studies and various jobs in the luxury hotel industry only reinforced her idea of having straight hair because the standards were strict in terms of make-up, haircut and outfit.

The return to natural: laborious but beneficial

The first part of her transition was made during the first confinement as many people because the context lent itself to it: locked up during several weeks, Camilia thus stopped the straightenings and decided not to make any again.

Sa transition a pris 8 mois au total, leHer transition took 8 months in total, the time to find the right products, to see a beginning of growth, to understand, to maintain and to reinforce her double texture: kinky hair at the root, and straight and relaxed lengths. 
Her #washdays are complicated but she holds on. And after a few months she went for it and made a big chop after recovering a more natural length. But the immediate shrinkage during her first post-cut wash scared her so she decided to do braids and braids to hide her short hair.

Then a few weeks after digesting the information, Camilia removes her protective hairstyles and starts to love and understand her natural kinky hair.
Today it's been 1 year since Camilia did her big chop and almost 2 years since she made the decision to go natural. She is proud of her journey and especially happy to assume her natural hair!

And LSL in all this?

Happiness, diversity and self-confidence

"All women are beautiful naturally, all of them! So at LSL, we want to put forward women who look like us of all shapes, colors, textures and who were not represented enough before."