La routine pour les cheveux crépus de votre enfant

A routine for your child's kinky hair

Don't know how to care for your child's hair? You want a quick but effective routine! We help you to see more clearly and to effect the good gestures:

Gently cleanse and detangle

Don't neglect the wash! A good wash will soften your little ones' hair and prepare it for detangling. The Bubble Dream shampoo with its light apple scent will moisturize and soften the hair. The Pink Paradise conditioner will then help to detangle the toughest knots.We recommend detangling the hair at this stage so that the knots slide out rather than break!

Cheveux crépus enfants - Les Secrets de Loly

Moisturize and nourish the hair fiber

After getting out of the shower, apply a hair milk to her towel-dried hair to protect and define it for the day. The Pineapple Smoothie will be perfectly adapted to toddlers because it is free of essential oils and contains moisturizing and nourishing agents! Once or twice a week, you can also apply a dab of Magic Twist to seal in the moisture provided by the Smoothie and prevent the moisture from escaping!

Styling and styling kinky hair

A special event, the desire to make a beautiful hairstyle, or simply protect your hair at night, apply the buttercream Magic Twist while making your hairstyles to strengthen your hair even when it is locked.

The tip from the team Les Secrets de Loly

This routine can be used by both children and parents with kinky hair! What a great way to share more than just good times!

I sublimate their hair!