Le Boost Curl : la gelée anti-frisottis

The Boost Curl: the anti-frizz jelly

It has been the brand's best-seller for many years, and for good reason! It can be applied to different hair types, for specific needs:

Its composition: an ultra moisturizing complex

This hair jelly is composed of a humectant cocktail of water and provitamin B5 that will soften the fiber and naturally maintain moisture. No more frizz and dry, split ends! Moisture will stay in the hair fiber and evaporation will take longer!

Boost Curl - Les Secrets de Loly

Its use: moisturize, define and fix 

Whatever your hair texture, the Boost Curl can be used every day! Apply to wet hair after your cleansing routine to moisturize and give your curls beautiful natural definition:

  • For wavy and curly hair: apply it after your Kurl Nectar on still damp hair then scrunch your curls. Feel free to apply it upside down to form your curls and waves then let it air dry or use a cold air diffuser. You can apply it daily to refresh your curls as long as your hair is damp.
  • For coily hair: apply it right after your wash routine to soften and moisturize your hair! Scrunch the product into wet hair and then apply the Smoothie to seal in your moisture. 
  • For kinky hair: you can apply the Boost Curl at the roots to do your locks.

It can also fix the most elaborate hairstyles without preventing the hair from breathing.

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

You can also do finger coils and wash & go. It allows you to fix the small rebellious hair during your hairstyles.

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