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The Skurlchie: 100% silk scrunchie for wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair

Jeanne Roche

Do you love to have pretty hairstyles but don't like to see them all flattened and damaged once your hairstyle is removed? Combine business with pleasure and opt for the Skurlchie, our first silk darling to soften and protect your hair!

In addition, you have the choice between 5 colors! Something to delight all textures!

Its composition: softness and suppleness

This prettiest scrunchie is made from 100% silk fabric . This material is known to allow the hair to slide and limit excessive friction with any other material. Your hair will therefore remain supple and hydrated even after several hours of wearing your hairstyle.

Its elastic inside, both flexible but quite compact, will allow you to maintain your hair without damaging it or breaking it.

Your hair will therefore be able to better support all your dream hairstyles, without risk of breakage or too visible demarcation.

Silk scrunchie - Wavy, curly, curly, frizzy hair

Its use :

Even though we design it, keeping it on your wrist can add style, putting it in your curly, kinky, wavy or coily hair will be much more useful for you. Adopt a Skurlchie for your half-tails on wavy hair, your low ponytails on curly hair, your double buns on coily hair or your puff on kinky hair for example.

When you tie up your hair, consider applying a dab of your favorite styling product after moistening it with Rainbow Mist. You can fill it with 100% water or put 70% water and 30% product:

  • For wavy or curly hair , opt for Boost Curl jelly to fix your fiber or define it by giving it everything it loves.
    Apply it to flatten your hair or to define curls, always on damp hair.
  • For curly hair , Boost Curl can also be used to bring out your curls and protect the fiber. One of our Smoothies* will be ideal for a more intense refresh or drier hair, on damp hair or not.
  • For kinky hair , buttercream Magic Twist will help you protect your prettiest hairstyles and keep them nourished if you want to keep a hairstyle longer than a day.

Tips from the LSL team

To best preserve your Skurlchie and be able to use it for years, we advise you to wash it by hand in cold water so as not to damage the silk, and to let it air dry.

I choose my Skurlchie!