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Les Boxes de Noël des Secrets de Loly pour prendre soin des cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus

The Secrets of Loly Christmas Boxes to take care of wavy, curly, frizzy and frizzy hair

Léonie Daigremont

They are finally here: the 2023 Christmas boxes!

Like every year, we offer you boxes to offer (or treat yourself to) during the end-of-year holidays to enhance textured hair . This year, there are not 4 boxes but 5 boxes to suit everyone! Discover our boxes composed of a product routine adapted to each type of hair ( wavy , curly , frizzy , frizzy and for children ) as well as exclusive accessories at only €59.90 instead of €128.

You don't know which box to choose to give as a gift ? Here we go, we'll explain everything to you!

New accessories in each Christmas box

This year, our boxes contain 3 great accessories:

  • The Silky Twist : the night cap with mulberry silk* inside which is ideal for taking care of curls and limiting frizz . We spend on average a third of our lives sleeping, so take advantage of this to make it a cocooning moment!
  • The Magik Comb : the comb that lifts the roots to add volume to the hair. The Magik Comb is also an ally to help create the most beautiful hairstyles . It is available in pink and terracotta.**
  • Kurl Clips : these 3 fancy barrettes allow you to enhance all hairstyles and all textures .

*the exterior is polyester satin. Dimensions: head circumference 50 to 68 cm and height 23 cm for adult boxes. Smaller size intended for the children's box.

**colors of Magik Comb placed randomly in each box

Christmas boxes - our gift ideas for textured hair

Light and moisturizing: the Christmas box for wavy hair

Wavy hair needs light and moisturizing products , the LSL team has prepared the Christmas box ! This super box is composed of Perfect Match shampoo , Cream Conditioner conditioner , Kurl Potion leave-in and Boost Curl moisturizing jelly . This hair routine hydrates and cares for wavy hair without weighing it down . The waves are then more nourished and plump .

Without forgetting the Silky Twist, the Magik Comb and the Kurl Clips, our new accessories !

Moisturizing and defining: the Christmas box for curly hair

Curly hair needs more hydration than wavy hair! In this Christmas box you will find the Perfect Match shampoo , the Cream Conditioner conditioner , the Kurl Nectar leave-in which intensely nourishes the hair and the Boost Curl hair jelly which seals in hydration and fixes the curls . The products in this box allow you to obtain hydrated , nourished and well-defined curls .

The Silky Twist, the Magik Comb and the Kurl Clips can also be found in this box for curly hair .

Nourishing and moisturizing: the Christmas box for curly hair

The box for curly hair provides nutrition and definition thanks to the exceptional selection of the LSL team !

Discover the Perfect Clean shampoo , the Pink Paradise conditioner , the Boost Curl moisturizing jelly which fixes curls and the Pineapple Smoothie hair milk as the last step of the routine which nourishes the hair fiber .

New accessories including the Silky Twist, our night cap which protects textured hair, the Magik Comb which allows you to create great hairstyles and the Kurl Clips to dress your hair, accompany the special curly hair Christmas box .

Nourishing and protective: the Christmas box for frizzy hair

Frizzy hair needs a lot more moisture and nutrition than other textures. We then concocted THE ideal box !

Composed of Perfect Clean shampoo , Pink Paradise conditioner , Smoothie Pineapple hair milk which provides nutrition and hydration and Magic Twist nourishing cream which nourishes and protects hair , this box for frizzy hair really has it all.

The Silky Twist night cap, the Magik Comb and the Kurl Clips barrettes: our new accessories can also be discovered in this box .

The Christmas box for children with textured hair

This year again, we thought of the children. Offer this Christmas box for children with textured hair to make their hair routine child's play!

The unbeatable Bubble Dream shampoo , Pink Paradise conditioner , Boost Curl hair jelly and Smoothie Pineapple hair milk are part of the Christmas box for children !

For children with wavy and curly hair , Boost Curl should be applied daily to moisturize and fix curls . The Smoothie is applied 1 to 2 times a week if the hair is dry after the Boost Curl .

For children with curly hair , Boost Curl should be applied just after the cleansing routine to moisturize . Our Smoothie hair milk comes as the last step to nourish and seal in the hydration provided by the jelly just before.

For children with frizzy hair , apply the Boost Curl then the Smoothie will be the best friend to soften , coat the hair and seal in hydration . It will be applied to dry or damp hair.

Finally, the 3 limited edition accessories will obviously be in the Christmas box for children ! The Silky Twist night cap will be in a smaller size for children.

Christmas boxes - our gift ideas for textured hair