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The new accessories for this summer: gentle detangling & growth stimulation

You've been asking us for them for several months, so we've released them! Two iconic and essential accessories for your routine for wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair .

Accompanying your detangling to prevent breakage and stimulating the scalp for longer, healthier hair, here are the benefits of the two new Secrets de Loly accessories.

Detangle without breaking: the Magic Brush

As you will have understood, this is our new detangling brush that can go (and stay) in the shower! The Magic Brush is equipped with flexible pins but also with a horizontal rod to adjust the intensity of detangling and the distance between the pins . Its comfortable handle will give you a practical grip for an even more pleasant wash day.

It will therefore accompany you during the application of your conditioner or your moisturizer, whether you have kinky, coily, curly or wavy hair. Start by detangling the ends, then gradually work your way up to the roots. Your knots will slide more easily without breaking.

Its little extra? Its 100% reusable plastic material allows its use in the shower during the detangling stage which is very important for the definition of your curls.

Detangling brush

Massage & stimulate: The Heaven Scalp Brush

A self-care massage for healthy scalp and hair without going to the salon, do you dream of it? With the very first massage brush Heaven Scalp Brush it is possible! 48 pins dedicated to your hair happiness and suitable for all hair textures .

Its use is simple: perform circular massages on the scalp to loosen residues and impurities, stimulate blood flow and optimize the penetration of your care. In short, it's the accessory to have in your shower! You can use it at several times in your routine:

  • during the application of your shampoo : after wetting your hair and applying your shampoo section by section, start emulsifying with your fingers then continue with the Heaven Scalp Brush using circular movements to increase the foam and loosen the residue. Then rinse out your shampoo and continue with your usual routine.

  • during the application of your care : before the shampoo for the oil bath and after for the moisturizer, use the Heaven Scalp Brush while the care is applied to your scalp. This will facilitate its distribution and allow the fiber and the bulb to better absorb the active ingredients. Leave on as directed, then rinse with clear water.
    You can also use it during the application of your detox treatment to further purify your scalp.

Its little extra: its practical grip and its high number of pins guarantee a more intense massage and more advanced stimulation.

Massage brush, scalp - Wavy, curly, curly, frizzy hair - Les Secrets de Loly

Tips from the Les Secrets de Loly team

Growth stimulation with the Heaven Scalp Brush, suitable detangling with the Magic Brush, then we recommend the Kiss Towel to pre-dry your hair without stripping it of the hydration provided by the products. You have all the keys now!

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