Limiter les frisottis des cheveux bouclés

Limiting frizz in curly hair

The wind is blowing, autumn is on its way and so is frizz! We'll help you get rid of it for the best definition, like the beautiful influencer @kenzablkn

Make a deep hair treatment

Your hair needs hydration, i.e. water, to regain suppleness and definition! Once a week, you can apply the Repair Time after your shampoo or before if you have fine hair. Aloe vera and glycerin will be your best allies to soften your curls and give them more bounce. Macadamia oil and jojoba oil will strengthen your fiber to prevent breakage. If you are in transition, don't hesitate to use the Tropical Detox which will remove the residues of your chemical products and moisturize at the same time thanks to flax seeds and glycerin.

Moisturize on a daily basis

On a daily basis, don't neglect moisturizing to keep your curls bouncy and soft day after day!Up to twice a week you can apply the Kurl Nectar to wet hair. This supercharged leave-in will moisturize, nourish and protect your hair from external attacks. You can pair it with the Boost Curl, our light hair jelly! It can be applied daily to wet hair and a dab is enough for the entire hair! For coily and kinky hair, the Smoothie and its moisturizing and nourishing ingredients will soften and preserve the scales. To revive your curls when you wake up after rubbing your pillow, a few pshits on Cocktail Curl Remedy and it's done for a perfect definition!

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly

Touch your hair as little as possible to avoid rubbing the fiber and causing frizz. If your curls have trouble forming, opt for the finger coil technique!

The perfect definition is mine!