L'interview de Grégory : sa vision des cheveux frisés

Gregory's interview: his vision of coily hair

Gregory, today a children's entertainer, learned to take care of his coily hair thanks to his little sister. He tells us about his evolution: 

The discovery step by step

The relationship with his curls has always been complicated because he did not know how to take care of them. He quickly became the guinea pig of his little sister, who was passionate about textured hair and hair products. She took care of his curls and regularly gave him advice on which products to choose.
Little by little,
 Grégory learned to take care of it on his own, always with the advice of his little sister. 

The attention he receives on the street

Thanks to his beautiful curls, which are now regularly moisturized and nourished, Gregory is proud of the image he projects on the street. People compliment him, ask him questions, want to know his products and tips.

But this craze can sometimes turn out to be negative and especially burdensome on a daily basis, because many people take the liberty of touching his curls without having asked his opinion beforehand. This has the gift to annoy Gregory. His hair may attract the eye easily, but the fact that anyone would touch it is a sign of disrespect for him.

Coily hair at work

With the education he received and the vision he developed of natural coily hair, Gregory is very proud of his bouncy and silky curls and never wonders if they would be appropriate in this or that context. Yet several times, he has found himself in situations where his hair didn't look "pro".

But he tries to counter this preconceived notion. Especially since he still doesn't understand how his texture, which is so complimented, can be so criticized when it comes to the professional world. His curly hair makes him stand out and be unique like he likes!