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L'interview de Myriam : comprendre ses cheveux crépus

Myriam's interview: understanding her kinky hair

Jeanne Roche

Now very attentive to the needs of her hair, Myriam has spent many years caring for and loving her kinky hair. She tells us all about it:

Her adolescence: between straightening and braids

Myriam hated her kinky hair for a very long time. During her childhood and adolescence, her mother straightened her hair and made her braids, which denatured and damaged her hair fiber.

For a long time, and like many little girls with kinky hair at the time, she believed that the norm was straight and long hair. So that was the goal she had set for herself. But between damaged hair, hair accidents and trips to the hairdresser, Myriam began to realize that her hair was becoming increasingly dry and damaged.

Getting to know her hair

It was during the first lockdown that Myriam began her hair change: she first started to learn about her hair texture because it was all a mystery to her.
Once the idea of natural textured hair was integrated, she did a big chop (= cutting all the damaged part of her hair often very short) to start from scratch. She then discovered the right products to apply under the advice of influencers and youtubers like @sally for example!

Adapting to her needs

Myriam confides that it's only 1 year later that she really learned to love her true nature of kinky hair and to take care of it daily.

Today, she takes the time to provide the nutrients her hair needs. She feels when her hair needs hydration, nutrition or a detox for example and immediately adapts her routine!

I find the right products for my texture!