Mer, chlore, soleil : protéger ses cheveux texturés en été

Sea, chlorine, sun: protect your textured hair in summer

The sun has already begun to show its face and with it UV rays, swimming and other activities that can weaken your textured hair. We give you our tips for spending the summer with hydration and hair protection:

Salt, iodine, chlorine and UV: why our wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair gets damaged?

​​We are often told that the sun provides vitamin D, which helps calcium to settle on the fiber and thus strengthen the hair. But too much exposure to the sun can cause hair to dry out and change its pH. The same is true for sea water.
Even though iodized water tends to cleanse the scalp, regular exposure to sea water, especially when your hair is damaged, makes the fiber more fragile. Salt and iodine also have a tendency to cause coloring to bleed. Chlorine also has a drying effect on the hair, making it brittle and porous and causing the coloring to escape from the fiber. Of course, these risks are greater when exposed to the sun on a regular basis. But it is necessary to protect your hair during your activities for your daily health!

Cheveux bouclés, frisés, crépus - Protéger été - Les Secrets de Loly

Protect your textured hair before any activity

To protect your hair before sunbathing or swimming, apply the Cocktail Curly Remedy spray to prevent drying agents from stripping your hair of its natural active ingredients. Its mango butter and raspberry oil composition will lock moisture into the hair fiber and protect it.

To protect your textured hair from the sun, wind and any external attack, you can apply a dab of the Boost Curl jelly to wrap the hair fiber in a protective film and thus retain moisture in the hair and limit frizz. Remember to apply it to damp hair.

Moisturize the hair fiber afterwards

After each water activity, remember to rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove any drying elements from your hair. Follow with a co-wash to remove any residue and moisturize your fiber. You can choose the Pink Paradise for a quick detangling co-wash, the Cream Conditioner for a very light co-wash, the Repair Time for a co-wash and then fortify or the Tropical Détox for a deep wash. On wet hair, apply one of the four products, massage your roots, detangle with a brush or fingers, starting with the ends to avoid breakage, then rinse and apply your styling routine.

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

To protect your hair from the sun as much as possible this summer, remember to use protective hairstyles before going out in the sun or in the water!

I take care of my hair this summer!