Perfect Match : le shampooing léger

Perfect Match : light shampoo

Need to clean your hair without weighing it down or making your roots greasy? The new Weightless Program shampoo meets these needs.

Find in this article, the presentation of the Weigthless Program

Its composition: light and moisturizing

The Perfect Match is the lightest shampoo in the range, made with 97.2% natural ingredients. It is suitable for all types of curls and harnesses the power of pineapple, cocoa and banana, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, to strengthen the fiber and keep the scalp healthy.

Your hair regains lightness and softness without being depleted of its natural sebum thanks to the nutrients and essential fatty acids it so badly needs. It is Ecocert Greenlife certified, free of sulfates, silicone and BTMS and contributes to the shine of the hair.

Perfect Match - Shampooing léger - Les Secrets de Loly 

How to use: softens without weighing down

Apply your shampoo after a nourishing treatment or before a moisturizing treatment for better efficiency. The Perfect Match will clean, free your hair from residues and strengthen your hair fiber. 
Apply to wet hair and massage vigorously for 30 seconds as it foams, then rinse. If you have fine hair and/or not too many tangles, top it off with Weightless Program's Cream Conditioner. If you have thicker hair or a tendency to have tough knots, the Pink Paradise conditioner will gently smooth them out. 

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For people with very thick hair, we recommend that you start by dividing your hair into 4 or 6 sections so that the product penetrates right to the roots.