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Protéger ses cheveux crépus pendant le sport

Protect your kinky hair during sport

Jeanne Roche

Kinky hair is no exception to the rule, sports sessions can do your body and mind good as well as damage your hair fiber. Do you have questions about the maintenance of your kinky hair before each session? This article is there to help you and guide you in your sports practice.

Kinky hair: avoid shrinking

First of all, know that your fiber becomes more sensitive during sports activities: perspiration, friction and even elements such as chlorine or magnesia can dry out, damage and tangle your hair.

The first thing to take into account will therefore be the hydration of the hair pre-workout with a product to apply. But a kinky hair will not respond in the same way as a wavy hair for example.

And the most impactful difference will be the shrinkage: this natural reaction of the hair in contact with humidity (see article on the shrinkage of kinky hair). The moisturizing products that we put on wavy or curly hair will certainly be too little moisturizer for kinky hair on a daily basis but risk bringing too much moisture to the hair. Shrinkage is then inevitable. If you don't mind seeing your hair shrink, in this case, you can dampen your hair before applying a moisturizer, otherwise, follow our advice!

Frizzy hair - Protect before sport

Hydrate and nourish your kinky hair

The objective will therefore be to protect the hair fiber before sport without causing it to shrink. The best product in the Les Secrets de Loly range will be one of our Smoothies*. These moisturizing and nourishing hair milks will soften the hair fiber and the vegetable oils, in particular jojoba and sweet almond will seal in the hydration and nourish the hair.

For damaged hair, favor a few sprays on slightly damp hair of Cocktail Curl Remedy before your session and especially if you do outdoor sports in the sun. Its pure keratin and aloe vera will soften and protect the fiber while the raspberry vegetable oil will strengthen and seal in hydration.

Finally, for those looking for a richer and thicker product, you can opt for the Magic Twist! Our nourishing buttercream will nourish and strengthen your fiber to protect it during your intense activities.

Attach without breaking

During your session, and to prevent your hair from getting tangled, consider tying it up or doing a protective hairstyle such as twists or braids. This will retain more hydration and nutrition provided by the above products and protect your fiber from external attacks.

For hairstyles like a voluminous puff, opt for the Skurlchie and if you prefer to do one or more small buns, the Pineapple Ring will hold better while protecting your kinky hair.

Tips from the LSL team

For very dense kinky hair, scrunchies and rubber bands are sometimes not the best option. If this is your case, you can opt for a small scarf to tighten around your afro puff for a better hold.

*Among the three Smoothie scents, only the Pineapple Smoothie is suitable for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women because it does not contain any essential oil.