Quelle est la différence entre un cheveu ondulé et un cheveu bouclé ?

What is the difference between wavy and curly hair?

For some people, it's hard to tell the difference between wavy and curly hair. Each texture has many twists and turns and both have moisture needs. We explain the differences:

Wavy hair: light turns

The wavy hair takes the form of more or less accentuated waves and is quite distinct between straight and curly hair. The variations in direction prevent the natural sebum from reaching all the lengths like straight hair. This is why wavy hair tends to oil up more easily than curly hair, but requires more moisturizing than straight hair.

On a daily basis, wavy hair will need moisturizing but light products.The Boost Curl jelly is perfect for moisturizing and maintaining waves. For deeper care, the Repair Time treatment will be perfect to strengthen the fiber in depth. Apply it after shampooing for 15-30 minutes or before if you have fine hair or if your hair tends to get oily very quickly.

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Curly hair: more or less wide springs

Unlike wavy hair, curly hair will curl on itself, more or less tightly forming a spring. Its turns, much more pronounced than those of wavy hair, make the fiber drier. The sebum has, indeed, more difficulty to flow along the hair, which requires more hydration and nutrition. When wet, curly hair can stretch and look wavy, and will return to its springy shape once styling products are applied and the hair is dried. Scrunching your curls will help them retain their natural bounce.

Curly hair will need more moisturizing and nourishing care than wavy hair. On wash days or when hair is damp, apply a dab of Kurl Nectar and then the Boost Curl to combine moisture, nutrition and curl hold. In terms of weekly care, the Repair Time treatment will be the best ally for curly hair and the monthly nourishing treatment with the Sérum Croissance will prevent breakage.

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The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

It often happens that we have 2 textures on our head. In this case, it is preferable to use the lighter routine so as not to overdose your hair and to use deep care. In the case of double wavy/curly texture, opt for the wavy hair routine with one moisturizer per week.