Quelles sont les différences entre le Kurl Nectar & Boost Curl ?

What are the differences between the Kurl Nectar & Boost Curl?

These are the two best-sellers of the Les Secrets de Loly line, but many of you have asked us the difference. We explain it all to you:

Kurl Nectar: a leave-in for all textured hair types

The Kurl Nectar is a leave-in treatment that was voted best leave-in at the 2018 NHA PRIZE. With its 10 supercharged active ingredients, it will strengthen the driest hair. To be used on wet hair, it will be your best ally to soften your hair fiber and thus give it a natural bounce!
However, be careful not to be too heavy-handed so as not to overload your hair with natural active ingredients!

The Boost Curl: the moisturizing and protective gel

Need to reshape your curls in the morning? Boost Curl! Want to protect your fiber from outside attacks? Boost Curl! Need more definition throughout the day? Boost Curl! This gel will be perfect for moisturizing your fiber, fixing your hair and protecting it on a daily basis. All without a greasy finish or a "crunchy” effect. According to our routine principles, it can be used after the Kurl Nectar for wavy to curly hair and before one of our Smoothies for curly and frizzy hair.
It is to be applied to damp or wet hair after your shower and can be used every day if you feel the need.

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly

Wavy and curly hair: you can mix a dab of Kurl Nectar and a dab of Boost Curl in your hand before applying to damp hair. This way, the products will be better distributed throughout your hair!

Coily hair: you can also mix a dab of your favorite Smoothie and a dab of Boost Curl in your hand before applying to damp hair. Moisture and nutrition will only benefit your crown.

Kinky hair: you can apply Kurl Nectar before your Magic Twist butter cream to moisturize and soften your hair and then seal in the moisture from the leave-in!

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