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Quelles sont les différences entre le Kurl Potion & Kurl Nectar ?

What are the differences between Kurl Potion & Kurl Nectar?

Jeanne Roche

Many of you have been asking us on our various social medias about the difference between the Kurl Nectar and the Kurl Potion, because of their similar names! We thought that a detailed explanation would help you to see more clearly. 

Texture, usefulness, smell, frequency of application, these two leave-ins seem close to each other but they are not adapted to the same needs! We explain everything in this article:

The Kurl Potion: the light and hydrating leave-in

The three key words of the Kurl Potion: moisturizing, lightness and volume! It is part of the Weightless Program launched in May 2022. This line was created to meet the need for light products for people with fine hair with a tendency to be oily. Its fruity scent and light texture will delight your hair for a better structure and shiny hair.

The Kurl Potion can be used by any texture looking for a moisturizing leave-in that doesn't weigh hair down and, as an added bonus, provides more volume! When used with the Perfect Match and the Cream Conditioner, say goodbye to heavy hair and get back to light, voluminous wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair!

You can apply it daily on damp hair if needed and pair it with the Boost Curl for better definition.

Kurl Potion - Leave-in léger

The Kurl Nectar: a leave-in for all textured hair types

Still one of Loly's Secrets bestsellers, the Kurl Nectar is a leave-in that was voted best leave-in at the 2018 NHA PRIZE. With its 10 supercharged active ingredients, it strengthens the driest hair and moisturizes the fiber in depth. Its composition gives it a slightly thicker texture than Kurl Potion but still creamy with a pomegranate pulp smell.

It is also suitable for coily, kinky, wavy and curly hair, especially for very damaged and/or thick hair. Its composition will strengthen the hair fiber and give a better bounce to your hair. To strengthen your very damaged hair, do not hesitate to use the Cocktail Curl Remedy son kinky, curly, coily or wavy hair. Apply to dry or damp hair, depending on what you prefer.

It is best to apply it to wet hair before using any other styling product. We recommend that you limit its use to twice a week as it is a very rich leave-in treatment.

Kurl Nectar - Leave-in riche

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

If you want to make quick and effective refreshes, don't hesitate to put 90% mineral water and 10% Kurl Nectar or Kurl Potion in your spray bottle depending on your needs. Its spray will allow you to distribute the product better in the morning, for example, and to apply it without having a heavy hand. 

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