Repair Time : le soin contre les cheveux secs

Repair Time: the treatment for dry hair

Do you feel your hair is dry, dull and prone to frizz? You're probably in need of moisture. But don't panic, we have the treatment that will allow all textured hair to emerge with softer, more supple fibers and therefore more plump!

Its composition : moisturizing but not only... 

The composition of the Repair Time is very complete, that's why it is suitable for wavy hair as well as for kinky, curly or even coily hair! Aloe vera and glycerin play an important role in making the hair more supple and soft and in facilitating styling.
Macadamia oil and jojoba oil will make the hair stronger week after week, sheath it and make it shine!

Repair Time - Cheveyx texturés - Les Secrets de Loly

Its use : every week if needed

No reason to miss out! The Repair Time can be used on all hair types every week if you feel the need. Don't hesitate to alternate with a nourishing treatment such as the Sérum Croissance to strengthen your hair fiber in depth.

For very fine hair or hair that tends to grease quickly : apply Repair Time before your shampoo on wet hair and leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes depending on your time and needs.
For dry and/or very damaged hair : apply it after shampooing on wet hair and leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes depending on your hair's needs!
You can apply a conditionner to seal in your moisture during this skincare routine, but this step is not necessary as Repair Time will help close the scales.

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For those who regularly color, bleach or highlight their hair, the Repair Time will be your best ally since it contains macadamia oil which is known to preserve colors!

I'll give the Repair Time a try!