5 tips pour donner du volume à vos boucles

5 tips to add volume to your curls

Looking to have a voluminous mane all day long? We give you all the tips you need to gain volume while keeping your definition:

Don't be too heavy-handed

When you apply too much product, whether it's a wash or styling product, there are several risks: making your hair greasy and/or heavy. In both cases, it will prevent you from getting nice volume throughout the day. So limit the amount you use and adapt it to your hair's needs.

Remember to do regular treatments so that your hair gets used to the natural way of doing things and doesn't get overdosed with products and therefore heavy. This can take several months.

Think about clarification

A clarification will allow you to eliminate all residues of the old hair routines and thus to free the pores of your hair. This will allow you to start from scratch and apply your styling products without fear of having greasy hair.

You can apply the Tropical Détox with white clay and banana to purify and deeply moisturize your hair, once a month before shampooing. If you like DO IT YOURSELF, you can concoct your own masks with the clay that suits you! !

Produits léger, volume - Cheveux bouclés, frisés, crépus

Apply light products

To get more volume and to keep it from going down after 2 hours, it is essential to apply light products! The new Weightless Program line has been designed precisely for this type of need: volume and lightness. The  Perfect Match shampoo cleans without weighing it down, the Cream Conditioner detangles and moisturizes gently and the Kurl Potion leave-in is ultra-light but still moisturizing. 

Scrunch your hair upside down

To avoid overloading your roots with product and preventing your hair from breathing, consider applying it upside down, scrunching your lengths. Put a dab of your favorite styling product in your hand, spread it across your palm and then press your ends into your palms as you work your way up your lengths. The product will be more evenly distributed and your hair will feel less heavy.

Loosen your roots on dry hair

Once your hair is completely dry, a final touch is necessary: loosen your roots. Using your fingers or a large comb, vigorously separate your hair at the roots for a "fan of curls" effect. Be careful not to completely break up your curl definition!