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Changement saison - Cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus

Changing seasons of wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair

Jeanne Roche

With the approach of summer and the change of time to get closer to the beautiful days, you may feel new needs for your wavy, curly, coily, kinky hair : change shampoo, switch to a leave- in lighter, insist on care rather than others…

It is probably time to take stock, to ask yourself a few hours with your hair alone for a constructive inventory. We help you see things more clearly:

Watch out for the first rays of sunshine

Although heat and vitamin C are good growth factors for hair, the first rays of the sun and too much UV in contact with the hair fiber will weaken it.

So remember to continue your weekly care and insist on pre-exposure protection:

  • the Cocktail Curl Remedy moisturizing spray to strengthen, wrap the hair fiber in a natural protective veil and prevent it from losing its natural active ingredients
  • the Boost Curl hair jelly to hydrate, fix and protect your curls against any external attack

After exposure to the sun but also every week in cooler temperatures, we advise you to make a moisturizing mask!

The Repair Time treatment can be applied every week, after your shampoo to keep your hair soft and supple!

Product to protect curly, frizzy and frizzy hair

Change routine

A new shampoo

Your hair, whether curly, frizzy, curly or wavy, can see its needs evolve. A sensitive scalp that used Sunshine Clean regularly can easily switch to a less specific shampoo if the scalp has calmed down. In this case, the best will be to switch to a mild shampoo suitable for children, the Bubble Dream, or a moisturizing but light shampoo, the Perfect Match .

The same applies if you have experienced a stressful or particularly intense period which has made your hair drier or more brittle: the Perfect Clean is the richest shampoo in the range and can therefore alleviate the problems of damaged hair.

Adapt your styling routine

Are you finishing your hair transition, going to another region or another country for a few months? Your hair evolves quickly and it is sometimes difficult to keep up. So here are some tips for specific cases:
  • end of hair transition : choose a lighter leave-in so as not to weigh down and grease your hair, which is beginning to look healthy. Switch from Kurl Nectar to Kurl Potion to give your hair a breath of fresh air without being overloaded with very rich products.
  • going out in the sun : opt for a more moisturizing styling agent for your hair, which will dry out. Go from Kurl Potion to Smoothie* for example to hydrate, nourish and strengthen your hair day after day.
  • hair that starts to get greasy : several reasons can explain this change and among them a changing lifestyle, too much shampooing... The little tip we give is to dilute about 90% water and 10% of your product styling in Rainbow Mist Spray . The product will be better distributed and less heavy.

Styling wavy, curly, curly, frizzy hair

Talk to our expert

Do you feel that your kinky, wavy, curly or coily hair needs more than what you have read in this article? There are so many other scenarios for each person that yours may be different .

Do not panic, we are here to accompany you on a daily basis. For any question and specific need, you can write to your hair expert on Instagram or Facebook in order to have clear and precise answers. You can attach a photo of your hair for a more appropriate response.


*Among the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women because it does not contain any essential oil.