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Guide : 5 tips pour une transition réussie

Guide: 5 tips for a successful transition

Jeanne Roche

Looking to go natural? You hear about it all around you without really understanding what it is. It is very simple ! After this article, you will get started for sure, and above all you will succeed in your transition with the help of experts in kinky, curly, wavy or coily hair !

Be aware, however, that the hair transition is not a must for textured hair , we simply recommend it because it allows you to have healthy hair and naturally benefit from your hair power!

Understand what a transition is

This is obviously essential for a successful transition: understanding what a hair transition is and why you are doing it . What is the reason for going natural? Who is the transition made for? Answer: everyone!

The first thing you can ask yourself is “What am I transitioning to?” First of all, you should know that most hair products from supermarkets contain ingredients that are bad for the health of your hair . In the short term, this may seem trivial, but over the months and years, your hair still seems dry. How is it possible ? Several reasons for this reaction:

Harmful components of hair products:

  • Silicone, which is a derivative of plastic, smoothes the hair cuticles and gives the impression of soft, silky hair. But in reality the silicone encloses the hair and prevents it from absorbing the good nutrients.

  • Sulphate, present especially in unnatural shampoos, is an aggressive surfactant for skin and hair. Under cover of deep cleaning due to the foam, it only dries out the hair and upsets the pH of the scalp. Having a shampoo that foams a lot does not mean that it cleans well, be careful! Lather is not an indicator of cleanliness.

  • Mineral oils are also unsuitable for natural routines. These are petroleum-derived paraffins that clog the pores of the scalp and thus prevent sebum from descending along the fiber.

  • Certain denatured alcohols dry out the hair even more and make it lose its shine. Textured hair is already very dry naturally, but with these harmful components in addition, it's guaranteed breakage!

At Les Secrets de Loly, the objective has always been to offer you at least 97% natural products, the rest being mainly preservatives to allow you to keep your favorite products longer!

Habits that are too recurrent (to avoid or reduce):

  • Drying your hair on hot air dries out your fiber enormously and empties it of its natural moisture. We recommend using a diffuser on cold or lukewarm air to avoid attacking the hair and the appearance of frizz. You can also plopping with a microfiber towel to gently dry your hair.

  • Colors and discolorations . It's no secret that regularly coloring or bleaching damages your hair. To put it simply, the hair is exposed by aggressive agents such as ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Your hair fiber is more sensitive and above all weakened, making your hair dry, dull and flattened. Vegetable dyes, henna… other solutions are possible!

  • Straightening your hair is also very harmful to your health. You almost change the DNA of your hair fiber since the products applied modify the molecular structure and above all break the bonds of the keratin, which makes the fiber more malleable and therefore more fragile.

  • If you have never straightened but regularly straighten with an iron or hair dryer , you are still damaging your hair fiber. In addition to drying out your fiber, you expose it to almost scorching heat...


Cut your hair before then regularly

First thing to do when you start your transition, especially after having straightened your hair for years, cut the damaged ends : these are ends or even lengths that cannot be “caught up”... For people with wavy, curly hair , coily or kinky who used large surface products, cutting your hair will also allow you to give it more bounce and avoid the breakage of dry or split ends .

For those who feel it, make a big chop ! Yes, yes, we advise this radical change even though we know that it is something very difficult to do mentally. As a reminder, doing a big chop is like cutting your hair very short in order to remove all the very or even too damaged lengths. You could say it's radical, but your hair will thank you! Consider going to see a specialist in textured hair , go to our points of sale page to find those near you.

Make a clarification

Whether you have used non-natural products or performed straightening, straightening or coloring, your scalp and your lengths have accumulated toxins and residues . It will therefore be necessary to make clarifications to be sure that the good active ingredients of natural products will be accepted by your fibre .

Indeed, your hair can react badly to the discovery of products rich in hydration and nutrition unlike chemical and toxic products which prevent the hair from absorbing the benefits.

A gentle clarification with our Tropical Detox will eliminate the residues of chemical products but also the toxins present in the hair. For a complete transition, apply it every week before your shampoo for 2 and a half months. You can also apply Repair Time after your shampoo once a week to find supple and silky hair.

Transition - Hair treatment

Find your hair routine

Once the transition has started and the first steps have begun, you will have to find the everyday products that correspond to your needs and your texture . We regularly produce articles and guides to help you find the products that suit you:

For more technical questions or questions specific to your texture, do not hesitate to write to our hair expert on Instagram. She will take the time to study your request and offer you the appropriate products.

Loving her hair and pampering it

Last tips to put into practice now and throughout your life: learn to love and pamper your hair ! We know it's sometimes hard work to keep up, but we're here to help you love your hair and understand it on a daily basis.

Don't forget that healthy hair also goes through a healthy lifestyle ! A regular sports practice will allow you to eliminate a maximum of toxins, and a good diet will help you to obtain vitamins, proteins or even iron. Finally, good nights sleep and stress-free days will help you have shiny hair!


Here are the Lolys, you have all the keys to resplendent hair and foolproof hair confidence!