Cheveux ondulés : maintenir ses ondulations

Wavy hair: keep your waves under the tree

As we know, wavy hair, especially thick hair, tends to lose its structure quite quickly. The thicker and/or longer a wavy hair is, the heavier it is and therefore loses its definition. So how do you find the right balance between moisture and natural bounce? Maintain your wavy hair, yes, without weighing it down even better! 

Moisturize every day

L’hydratation est la clé de cheveux souples et rebondis. Moisture is the key to supple, bouncy hair. This is even more the case for wavy hair. Because it's so easy to relax, it's important to give it a gentle drink. The Perfect Match shampoo is perfect for gently moisturizing wavy hair without weighing it down and promoting volume. For sensitive scalps, choose Sunshine Clean which will moisturize and purify!

The Cream Conditioner is best for texture, but if you tend to have a lot of tangles, choose the Pink Paradise conditioner. Whether it's one or the other, it will then detangle the lengths without leaving the hair heavy when you get out of the shower!

It is also important to use weekly treatments to moisturize the hair over the long term and thus allow it to retain moisture and suppleness in the hair fiber. The Repair Time treatment will be ideal to achieve this #hairgoal. 

Wavy hair - Les Secrets de loly

Lightweight styling products

Don't be afraid to apply products right out of the shower. The Boost Curl jelly, composed mainly of water and active moisturizers, will provide the right amount of hydration your hair needs! It can be applied after the Kurl Potion leave-in, which is ultra-moisturizing and light at the same time to provide volume and suppleness. The Kurl Nectar, a leave-in treatment with extra vitamins, will strengthen hair that requires richer products. We recommend using the second one at most twice a week to avoid overdosing the hair. No more heavy hair, just dreamy waves!

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For fine wavy hair that tends to get greasy easily, you can apply a few drops of the Boost Curl in a spray bottle like the Rainbow Mist filled with water rather than applying it directly to your hair.

I'm getting tempted by products for wavy hair!