Cheveux texturés : éviter les cheveux gras

Textured hair: avoid greasy hair

Does your hair tend to get greasy even after you do your cleansing routine? Your scalp probably needs to rebalance itself. Here are our tips:

Where does sebum come from?

Sebum is a product secreted by the sebaceous glands on the skin's surface. It can be present on the face, the back and of course the scalp! It is therefore there to naturally protect the scalp from external attacks and dryness but also to nourish the hair fiber.

For textured hair, excess sebum, also called hypersebhorrea, can be due to several things:

  • hair in transition: when switching from conventional to natural products, the hair needs time to adapt.
    Conventional products regularly contain surfactants that are too aggressive for the scalp. The latter will therefore protect itself and produce more sebum.

  • too much exposure to pollution or external attacks in general, which also forces the scalp to react.

  • an unusual daily life: stress, hormones, climatic changes

How to remedy it (or at least reduce it)

The first step for hair that tends to be greasy is to clarify it. The clarification will remove all the residues of toxins and old hair routines and thus start from scratch. You can do it on average once every two weeks or when you feel your hair is overloaded. Our Tropical Detox treatment will be perfect for this step as the clay will help purify and detoxify the scalp while the glycerin, flaxseed and agave syrup will moisturize and soothe.

Then think about reducing the frequency of your shampoos. Their washing base of the washing care, even natural, will dry a little hair and thus push the scalp to secrete more sebum. Choose a gentle, soothing shampoo once a week. the Sunshine Clean shampoo will clean without aggressing and will soothe the scalp thanks to its essential oil of lemon. essentielle de citron. 

Always with the aim of protecting your scalp and hair fibers, avoid any aggression when drying! A microfiber towel or an air dryer will always be gentler on your hair than a diffuser or any other form of heat. Delicacy for soft and silky hair!

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly

Hydration can also come from your lifestyle! A healthy diet and your 1.5L of water per day will allow you to hydrate your curls from the inside! Beautiful, healthy and bouncy curls!