Comment bien choisir son shampooing ?

How to find the right shampoo?

It's an essential step in a hair routine and yet, each person may have different needs when it comes to washing! So how can you be sure to choose the best shampoo for you?

The Sunshine Clean: the most soothing

Suitable for sensitive scalps prone to dandruff, itching, psoriasis or eczema, the Sunshine Clean will also delight fine hair. It contains dermo-soothing active ingredients that will regulate the pH and excess sebum, moisturize and soften the fiber. The hair will also be strengthened thanks to its active ingredient, provitamin B5.

Apply it by insisting on the roots and the scalp and by letting the product slide along the hair.

The Perfect Clean: the most moisturizing

The Perfect Clean is the most moisturizing shampoo in the line. Rich in vegetable glycerin, it will gently cleanse the scalp and provide the necessary amount of moisture for its growth. It does not contain any essential oils and is therefore also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, whether their hair is kinky, coily, curly or wavy.

Apply it by massaging the scalp and let it glide along the hair.

The Bubble Dream: the softest

Finally, the Bubble Dream will be perfect for toddlers or people looking for an ultra light cleansing product. Its apple-based active ingredients and moisturizing agents derived from sweet almond milk will soften and prepare for detangling the hair of all little ones.

Just like the other two shampoos, apply it by massaging it into the scalp and then let it glide along the lengths.

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly

Feel like washing your hair more than once a week? We recommend doing a co-wash, which means applying a conditioner like Pink Paradise to clean and restart your routine without drying out your hair!

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