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Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

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Comment démêler ses cheveux fins ?

How to detangle fine hair?

Jeanne Roche

Are you looking for the miracle solution to detangle your fine hair without having to put 3 tons of products and especially without spending hours on it? We have the solution! At Les Secrets de Loly, we combine the useful with the pleasant to offer you products that meet your needs by spending a moment of sweetness in your bathroom. So detangling your fine hair is no exception to the rule! Have a little tea or a sweet, this article is there to help you gently.

For many people on the Les Secrets de Loly team, using conditioner is their favorite part of washing! Detangle, brush, feel its fiber soften, a moment of intense relaxation before getting out of the shower. Because a conditioner, as its name suggests, is to be applied after washing the shampoo to untangle and close the scales, but that's not all! Co-wash , no-poo, break time… with a product, vary the hair pleasures!

Detangle during the conditioner or treatment

We know that a conditioner is used to close the cuticles and finish washing. But its softening and moisturizing agents also allow the knots to glide smoothly while bringing shine and bounce to the curl. It is therefore best to detangle your wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair with a brush or your fingers while your Cream Conditioner sets. You can leave it for 1-5 minutes.

If you do a complete washing routine with a moisturizer, you can completely detangle your hair during this step. With our Repair Time mask , designed with aloe vera and provitamin B5, the fiber will be softened but also reinforced to smooth out knots and prevent breakage . One mask per week before your shampoo to leave on for 15 to 30 minutes and your hair will be stronger, more supple and less brittle.

For the most tangled textured hair, the Pink Paradise will be your savior.

Conditioner - Fine hair

Don't overuse the brush

Detangling every day is useless, you will only weaken your hair fiber and cause more breakage.

On the contrary, a good disentangling per week during the application of your conditioner or your treatment will be the way to bring softness and hydration to your wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair.

Spoiler alert : detangling your hair once a week is bound to cause you to lose a lot of hair. It is actually broken hair throughout the week that has accumulated in your hair.

Use fiber-friendly accessories

Choosing the right time to detangle your hair is one thing, but with the right accessories is another! The agents present in the products will help detangle gently without the knot breaking automatically. But it will be especially important not to choose a brush or comb that is too rigid. Choosing the Magic Brush and its soft bristles will accompany the knot to the points so that it unravels gently rather than breaking on contact with the bristles.

In the long term, the drying option chosen also has an impact on the health of the fiber. We always advise soft and protective materials of every hair texture. Our microfiber towel, the Kiss Towel will be ideal for drying without damaging and limiting the appearance of frizz. Unlike "classic" bath towels, it will avoid friction and therefore prevent hair from re-tangling.

Alternative to shampoo: co-wash & no-poo

This technique adored by our Lolys who wish to space out their shampoos for a few days, will also be the right time to detangle your hair! Cleaning without drying goes hand in hand with detangling without breaking!

Choose your favorite conditioner and apply it when showering, detangle with a brush or your fingers and you're done! To me sports sessions several times a week!

The tip of the Les Secrets de Loly team

For successful detangling, remember to start from the ends going up towards the root. You will thus avoid accumulating too many knots at once and therefore the risk of breakage!
I take care of my fine hair!