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How to detangle coily hair?

Jeanne Roche

Detangling is one of the essential steps in any hair routine. For healthy and defined coily hair, it is therefore necessary to use the right products and above all the best techniques adapted to each person. A detangling product for a particular texture will not be the same for another texture. And your detangler can evolve according to the seasons and the evolution of your hair.

Detangle on damp hair

The first tip we regularly give is to detangle your hair when it's damp. The fiber will be more flexible, more malleable and therefore the knots easier to untangle. Nevertheless, this is the time when your fiber is the most fragile, so you have to preserve it and not untangle it every day! We recommend detangling once a week, when you do your complete routine.

After your shampoo, you can detangle while your favorite conditioner sets. You have the choice between the Pink Paradise for thick or very tangled coily hair and the Cream Conditioner for finer hair.

When you do your weekly routine and leave your moisturizing mask on, like Repair Time, you can also detangle during this time. The softening ingredients of the care will make it possible to soften the fiber and therefore to make the knots slide, avoiding breakage.

Curly hair detangler

Limit breakage

Also think about accessories! The right accessories for your coily hair will accompany the knots rather than break them. Our Magic Brush will allow you to personalize your hairstyle thanks to its flexible removable and adaptable nylon pins! Find here a TikTok to remove and clean the pins of your favorite brush!

Protect your hair fiber

Protect your hair at night

On a daily basis, protecting your hair fiber will also allow you to promote gentle detangling. Before bed, don't hesitate to apply a moisturizer like Kurl Potion for thin coily hair, and one of our Smoothies for thick or dry hair.

Then put on your best hat or lay your head on a silk pillowcase to find your hair soft, less damaged and less tangled when you wake up.

Moisturizing refresh

To start the day off right and keep your hair protected regardless of your activities, remember to do a moisturizing refresh: you can moisten your hair with the Rainbow Mist then apply your suitable styling product: you can apply the Boost Curl to hydrate and fix curls or one of our Smoothies* to hydrate and nourish at the same time.

For those in a hurry, you can fill your Rainbow Mist with 90% water and about 10% of your styling product for a better distributed distribution throughout the hair.

Detangling curly hair

Weekly care

We tell you and tell you again, in the long term (and even the short), hydration allows your coily hair to use its full potential! A hydrated fiber will be much more supple, better defined, less tangled and therefore easier to style!
Every week, remember to leave the Repair Time mask on for 20 minutes .

Its formula based on aloe vera and glycerin will deeply hydrate the hair, while macadamia and jojoba oil will strengthen it for stronger hair. Provitamin B5, a fortifying active ingredient, sheaths the fiber and makes it shinier.

You now have all the cards in hand for gently detangling your curly hair!


I detangle my hair without breakage!